Abracadata Inc. has announced that their new 3D architecture program, Premier Home Architect, will run natively in Mac OS X. This new product will allow all users to easily create anything from a simple home to a complex office structure. According to Abracadata:

As you look at floor plan software for your Mac computer, you should try to find one that is easy to use but also renders your designs in a format you can share with professionals. Architects and contractors typically use professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs that create official blueprints.

Users will be able to render their ideas in beautiful 3D and actually walk through their design, as if they were in the room.


  • Premier Home Architect will utilize a brand-new proprietary Open GL 3D engine.
  • Users will be able to place lights in 2D/3D space and set their properties (type of light, brightness/color, direction/angle, location/elevation, etc.) with an adjustable slider.
  • Premier Home Architect will support a variety of American and metric measurement units, including inches, feet, yards, millimeters, centimeters, and meters. Japanese units (e.g. Shaku, Ken and other applicable units), will also be supported.
  • Precision to thousandth of an inch with the ability to zoom in on any part of your drawing. Specify precise object sizes through a properties dialog or by other means.
  • Ability to generate and print material reports (cost estimates).
  • Tools for drawing smart walls and rooms, including curved and polygonal walls. Users will be able to cut walls and to make walls associative and iself awarei of one another. The walls will automatically cut out openings for the windows and doors that are placed on them. Walls can be viewed in 3D as solids or as studs only. Users can set stud spacing and stud size in the wall properties dialog.
  • Much much more...

Pricing and availability is not available yet on Abracadatais Web site. You can stop by booth #547 at MACWORLD Expo in San Francisco for a live demonstration of the soon to be released product.

Are you planning to build a house? Interested in redecorating your room or your garden? Are you interested in having your own architectural plan? Then these architecture software are built for you. Aiming basically for getting professional plans for buildings and houses, these software have some unique capabilities over others. Following are the few of the best-picked software for you to help you in your architectural planning.


3D Architectural Design

Easy architectural software powered by intuitive BIM technology to create 3D buildings and 2D floor plans and elevations directly in dwg format. The software offers you features as a similar interface to AutoCAD and complete DWG support. The software serves as both an architectural software and CAD software. You can have the taste of the software with the free trial version before deciding on the purchase of software.

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture

Architecture software from Ashampoo team, designed simply with powerful features. The feature highlights of this software include step by step project assistance, 2D-3D cross section views, smart input and construction aids, integrated roof staircase and environment builders, realistic light and shadow simulation, extensive pre-defined objects catalogue. You can have a free trial of the software before purchasing it.

My Sketcher

With Sketcher, you can create your architectural plan within few minutes, with its simplicity and advanced features. You can start with your plan by either starting fresh in software or importing hand drawn plan image and building on top of it or building with a pre-defined template. The software is available in three paid versions and one free version. You can have the taste of software before going for paid version.



Wayfinder is a 3D architectural visualization and property management software platform. The software offers some rich features including importing locations of objects using spreadsheets, manage users and permissions, see usage statistics, swap floors instantly and zoom, pan or rotate the view. The software supports all the common 3D formats. 3D Wayfinder can also be integrated with any website or web-based application.

3D Architect- Home Design for Windows

Best Cad For Mac

3D Architect home design is the software specifically designed for Windows platform users. For people at any stage, whether home remodeler or professional architect, 3D Architect home design is ideal entry software. The key features of this software include dialogue boxes, landscaping tools for making of path or ponds etc., 3D warehouse interface for adding, furnishing items directly to your design, preset lighting schemes, lighting shadow and reflection effects for real-time design, extensive range of doors and windows, 3D walkthrough function to walk through your project for demonstration. The software is normally priced with the features it offers.

Chief Architect 3D for Mac

Chief Architect 3D is Architect design software built specifically for the Mac (iOS) platform users. The software is free for use. The software has some good features to offer including dynamic cross section views for both interior and exterior, gyro camera for freeform viewing, walk through to walk physically (simulated) through your model. You can also export your design to the cloud or Chief Architect desktop software to view the model in 3D mode.

Architecture Softwares For Mac Windows 7

Architect 3D Express – Most Popular Software

Architecture Softwares For Mac Free

Architect 3D express is the most popular software in architect design software category. You can design your creative project step by step, room by room, from the basement to the loft space with this software. The key features of the software are walk through each room, see project simultaneously in 2D and 3D, creating 3D models on paper, extensive 3D furniture library. The software has got video tutorials for beginners to get going faster. You can also see Floor Plan Software

What is Architect Design Software?

Architecture Software For Mac

Architect design software is designed with a basic aim of designing an architectural structure, from a single room to a multi-storied building. The free version offered in this category is basically not intended for professional or serious architects or designers. Walk through the room, generating 3D sketches on paper are some common features you can expect from each of the competent Architect design software. You can also see Home Design Software

Architecture Programs For Mac

Though all the software listed above offer some functionality in common, which you can expect from an Architect design software, each of them has some unique feature to offer over others. Some software has trial version to give you a taste before you spending money. If you don’t need advanced features, you can opt for the free one’s; but for the advanced user, the choice is a personal preference.

Architecture Softwares For Mac

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