Ark Survival Evolved Mac Version

If your dream is to plat ARK on MacBook then we have good news for you. Dream is now reality , Ark Survival Evolved Mac Version is here and now is available to download free. Anyone can get the game and play it right now. ARK is probably the best game ever for MacBooks. This is or opinion, we have played this game and trust us, you cannot stop. This version for MacBooks has been converted in dmg, so once you get the game just install it and you can start playing.

Ark Survival Evolved has been developed and published by Studio Wildcard. They are already very know with this game because it was an success. As a part from action and adventure category ARK can be played in single player and multiplayer mode. Once you start playing you must establish an base. Then you create weapons and start kill and capture dinosaur. Developers included a very big list of dinosaur once powerful by other. The map in the game is very big, fortunately you can use an device to teleport each time you want. Creators worked almost thee year at Ark Survival Evolved but the results are fabulous. Our team rated the game with 9.7 points from 10. Is the high rated game for mac presented on

Ark Survival Evolved Mac Version REQUIREMENTS

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Playing ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED on the mac with full HD, in 60 fps. In the new update. Just roaming around, killing stuff with the rocket launcher and the assault rifle, trying to kill some rexes. Apr 01, 2017  Hey i was just Wondering if my mac can run Ark Survival Evolved as it is on a fantastic deal right now: My Macs Specs: Model: Macbook Pro Mid 2014 Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6ghz Memory: 8gb 1600 MHz DDr3 Graphics: Intel Iris 1536 I Hope thats enough info for you guys, but please let me know, i dont care if i have to run it at low xD. ARK originally released in early access on Steam and Xbox One in 2015, and then the final game launched across most platforms in 2017, including PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4. ARK is an action.

Above are the requirements for ARK. This version of game has been tested on all MacBooks and iMacs and found working on all the devices. Not need activations and does not require installations of addition programs. Just check you have 4 GB RAM , approxanimtelly 25 GB free disk space on you Macintosh and also check the OS X Version.

Ark Survival Evolved Mac Version DOWNLOAD


Ark Machine Gun

This game is available to download free right now. You can get the .dmg image game file by using torrent or direct. If you choose torrent is faster , for direct a good internet connections is required. Once download is completed open the dmg and start the game installation. When is done go to applications folder and enjoy the game. Share it if you like it.

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