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Microspot DWG Viewer is a product based on Microspot MacDraft Professional which enables AutoCAD DWG files produced on a PC to be opened and viewed on Mac OS X. Oct 11, 2015  Download DWG Viewer for macOS 10.7 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎DWG Viewer is a lightning-fast drawing viewer that enables you to view DXF and DWG files, just as you would in AutoCAD. Note that: This app supports DWG(3D), DWG(2D), DXF(3D) and DXF(2D) files. Autocad viewer for mac free download - Autodesk AutoCAD, VSD Viewer Mac, Autocad Dwg Viewer Online, and many more programs. Download Autocad Dwg Viewer For Mac Os X - real advice. TurboCAD Mac Pro and 2 more programs. With all that said, AutoCAD for Mac is an industry giant for good reason. The software makes object and layout design simple, with a Photoshop-like interface that’s fairly easy to pick up. Its smart dimensioning tool helps users get all their measurements right, share revision history, and even use it for 3D printing.

1. Sculptris

Features and functions:

· The Sculptris serves as a powerful yet elegant tool for designing 3D art-forms or sculpting through digital media.

· The program, at its centre, provides the user with a clay ball each time it is run, from where on one can proceed with designing/sculpting .

· The toolkit and the mechanism for creation of designs are unique yet easy to understand.

· Sculptris makes it possible to drag and place clay models, alter their shape and size, materialize your designs in any desired fashion.

· The tool in sculptris functions solely through mouse buttons.


Pros of Sculptris:

· Thisfree CAD software for Macneeds no prior installation.

· It is a lightweight program that serves as an effective and utility application for 3D modelling ventures.

· This program helps create amazing designs without having to go through tedious learning curves or learn extensive technical concepts.

Cons of Sculptris:

· Certain editing options such as 'undo' and some commands are not easily accessible.

· Support or software-specific help are not too particular and can be developed for better user experience.

Autocad Viewer For Mac Free Download

· The interface does not quite match up to the industrial standards.

User Comments/Reviews:

Dwg Viewer For Mac

·Easy UI (user interface) enables learning of complete program via trial and error in a less than an hour rendering virtually anything you may be able to sculpt with clay instantly with professional quality.

· Very simple. Can export to brush (using GoZ) or as an ob_x_ject to be opened.

Autocad Viewer For Mac Free Download


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