1. Mcdonald's Special Sauce Recipe Revealed
  2. Big Mac Sauce For Sale In Canada

The three Big Mac sauce bottles and the fridge.Source:Supplied

McDonald's Canada announced Tuesday that their Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sauces (pictured) will go on sale at Canadian grocery stores 'from coast-to-coast' in the spring. The folks at McDonald's have released an official statement to confirm that 100,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce will be available for purchase at restaurants nationwide from 10.30am this. The Story of the Big Mac® Special Sauce. When McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Delligatti first came up with his double patty, triple bun creation in 1967, he needed the perfect sauce to top it off. By 1968, the Big Mac® was launched nationally, and featured this delicious, creamy signature Big Mac® Special Sauce. You Can Buy Big Mac Sauce In Canada Right Now You Can Buy Big Mac Sauce In Canada Right Now. Americans will just have to keep waiting. On sale in grocery stores across the country.

EVER ordered a Big Mac and wished you could bottle up that sauce and put it on absolutely everything?

Well now you could be in the running to win the first three bottles of Big Mac Sauce to be released in 2018.

To celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac, Maccas has launched a charity auction on eBay, encouraging people to bid for three bottles of the delicious sauce in a limited edition mini fridge.

The auction began at 10am on Wednesday but already bidding has hit $100.

Big Mac Sauce For Sale

All the proceeds from the auction will go towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), an independent charity that helps seriously ill children and their families.

RMHC provides a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill and injured children being treated at nearby hospitals.


Late last year a bottle of the special sauce sold on ebay for $19,000 but the winning bidder flipped and went to ground.

Shrouded in secrecy, the sauce is what makes a Big Mac a Big Mac. But what is it? And what makes it so ‘special’?

Mcdonald's Special Sauce Recipe Revealed

The recipe was leaked online, to much excitement.

So, keen to crack the burger’s secrets once and for all, news.com.au took to the test kitchen with a mountain of mayo and a pile of pickle relish and started experimenting.

We firmly believe we created, after a dozen trials, the definitive Special Sauce recipe.

Big Mac Sauce For Sale In Canada

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