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Find the best external blu ray drives for mac based on what customers said. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest external bluray drives since 2015. Currently, the best external bluray drive is the Pioneer BDR-XS06. The OWC Mercury Pro offers the convenience of plug-and-play operation across both the Mac and PC platforms, while its high-speed USB 3.0 interface allows you to watch movies, transfer.

So, I just bought the new Mac Mini a couple days ago. I'd like to store blu-rays on it so I can stream them to my Apple TV. What is the best external blu-ray drive I can use with my Mac Mini? I've gone to several stores and no one has a clue. I get 'they all pretty much work the same' from people. There has to be a reason why some of these are $89 and go up over $200. I tried searching anything and everything on the web, but can only find articles from 2011. Any help would be appreciated! I'm considering ASUS or LaCie, but have been told LG does a pretty good job too (only, I'd like it to be USB 3 or Firewire instead of USB 2). So, I'm incredibly confused. Thanks!

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As we know the Blu-ray can deliver first-rate video and audio quality, thus, movie enthusiasts are surging toward this certain type of disc. Having Blu-ray discs is easy yet how to play them needs some homework to do. The increasing popularity of obtaining the external Blu-ray drive Mac has roused an urgent of understanding that what is a good standard of an external Blu-ray drive Mac and why people need it. We will introduce considerable information about external Blu-ray drive Mac and give you some tips as well as our list of best selections.

Part 1: Why Do You Buy an External Blu-ray Drive for Mac

Bluray Drives For Mac

In the days of Blu-ray movies, it would be so embarrassing when you can’t play Blu-ray discs because of the wrong device coming with your computer. Even though the DVD player can be included as an essential part of the computer, you may come up with an idea that using the DVD players play Blu-ray discs. Actually, it is not compatible with the Blu-ray formats. Those are common cases for Windows users, more complex situation can occur with the Mac OS operating system.

To be specific, a great number of Macs do not contain the Blu-ray drives since the Blu-ray drive could cost extra money while not all the users have the requirements. On the other hand, Blu-ray drives provided by Apple are set at a high level of consumption although its technique sometimes is not working well or even worse than an external Blu-ray drive Mac.

Speaking of the external optical drive Blu-ray Mac, you can deem this device as an additional yet portable part to your laptop. They can have your Mac read and write data on optical discs of Blu-ray and DVD. You don’t need any tortuous data line to connect the external Blu-ray drive device to your Mac because a single USB cable will be just fine to go. All you have to do is simply plugging in the external Blu-ray drive Mac and inserting a Blu-ray movie disc, you will be able to watch the media content from your disc automatically on Mac. And for saving data? It is also convenient to back up your important data so that you can free up more space for other files.

Therefore, picking up a well-functioned external Blu-ray drive Mac can enhance the whole playback experience. Some external Blu-ray drives for Mac are in good design to meet Mac users’ needs and let you watch Blu-ray movie discs in no difficulties. The following part will show some advantageous tips for buying external Blu-ray drive Mac.

Part 2: Tips for Buying External Blu-ray Drives for Mac

If you are clear about buying one external optical drive Blu-ray Mac, we want to give you a hand for your better choice. Here are some tips you may take into consideration.

At the first place, the speed can make a huge change if you wish to use the external Blu-ray drive Mac as the tool for storage. The writing speed commonly represents a standard functionality of a Blu-ray drive. In the case that you are with decent videos and movies on your Mac and there is a need to burn them to blank discs, there is no way that you want to spend a bunch of time waiting for the burning process to accomplish. Not only does the writing speed matter a lot, but also stability ensures the success of burning tasks.

Further, various types of burning procedures enable users to backup files in the way they like. As we mentioned that a massive folder of data requiring to remove from your Mac to the optical discs, you do not want to miss the ability of bulky backup function. Those external Blu-ray drives Mac usually are capable of excelling via the Archive quality M-DISC compatibility to support the bulky backing process. From time to time, such a bulky task takes too much power so they are basically packed with a larger capacity battery.

Next, I assume the majority in our society is expecting the lower price comparing to the Apple-designed one. It is understandable when you struggle with money, yet which is the second factor you will get around with. For sure, the market is never lack of best cheap external Blu-ray drive Mac. However, the best for all should be the most valuable one if you desire to expand your every buck in the right place.

The last one should be considered for your decision is comprehensive working environments. As long as you have an outdated Windows system computer, why not capitalize on what you have with external optical drive Blu-ray? You can also clean up some room on another system while nothing will be lost, one stone two birds are good things. Thus, having an external Blu-ray drive Mac which also supports the Windows system can be better.

We create the list of the 3 best external Blu-ray drives Mac according to the external Blu-ray drive Mac reviews from reliable websites.

Part 3: Top 3 Best External Blu-ray Drives for Mac

Blu Ray Drives For Mac

Top 1. ASUS 12X Blu-ray drive

The first external Blu-ray drive for Mac on my recommendation list is ASUS 12X Blu-ray drive. With a diamond-shaped design based on aesthetics of technology, ASUS 12X is capable of writing 12X Blu-ray disc formats which is the fastest of the optical drives out there. Besides, compared with USB 2.0, with the newest USB 3.0 Magic Cinema technology, ASUS 12X Blu-ray drive will provide you double transmission speed and data writing speed. Due to its powerful data reading and writing capability, it will not miss a little desk space. Just as mentioned above, the Magic Cinema technology could also enable 2D to 3D conversion. Plus, according to the professional reviews on it, you can clearly see that ASUS 12X Blu-ray drive also has excellent security standard with encoded file name functionality and password control. For some people, its cons are also obvious, for example, the eject button on the front side may not work at all times.

Top 2. SEA TECH Blu-ray drive

Blu Ray Disk Drive For Mac

SEA TECH Blu-ray drive could be the second choice for you. It is packed in a beautiful aluminum casing which matches the aesthetic of any Mac perfectly. With fast external Blu-ray writer Super-Multi speed, SEA TECH Blu-ray drive has used a UJ 260 Panasonic drive that supports the BDXL format and could also read and write regular CD and DVD. Plus, it adopts the technology of USB 3.0 connection which means it can provide faster data reading and writing speed. It is completely compatible with Mac and you do not need to install any software in order to run it perfectly on your Mac. Therefore, if you are looking for an external Blu-ray drive with good-looking, fast data reading speed and complete compatibility with Mac, then you can choose SEA TECH Blu-ray drive for Mac. But pay attention, the edges of the machined aluminum are a bit sharp.

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