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As you know, Camtasia is a renowned screen recorder program with powerful features. However, the price of Camtasia is so high that many people prefer to search Camtasia free alterative instead.

Sep 15, 2009  Techsmith’s Camtasia for Mac is a new entry in the field of screen recording and editing tools available for OS X, but Techsmith isn’t new to the field of screen recording—their Camtasia. CamStudio By camstudio.org: Camstudio mac os x CamStudio records screen activity from your Windows Desktop into standard AVI Movie files. It is an ideal tool for developing videos to demonstrate features of a new software, for creating movies used in user training.

As for CamStudio, it is an open source and free screen recorder tool for Windows users. You can run CamStudio to capture most desktop activities with audio and export as AVI format. But CamStudio gets lots of negative reviews due to various reasons.

So is there any screen recorder software that has advanced features like Camtasia Studio, while being free as CamStudio? Fortunately, this article just collects 10 excellent results for you. Yes, you can great CamStudio alternatives free for Windows and Mac here. Just read and check.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Free Alternatives to Camstudio on Windows and Mac

There are 10 choices for you of CamStudio free alternative programs. Well, you can regard them as your Camtasia free alternatives too.

Top 1 Camtasia Free Alternative: Screencast-O-Matic

OS Supported: Windows/Mac/Web-based

Actually, Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen recorder program alterative to CamStudio. Thus, there is no incompatibility issue. In addition, the CamStudio free alternative provides standalone software for Windows and Mac operating systems.

However, you can record screen video free up to 15 minutes per time. Well, you are not allowed to customize the screen area freely. Otherwise, you need to upgrade to its pro version.

Top 2 Camtasia Free Alternative: Bandicam

OS Supported: Windows

Bandicam offers free version of screen recording on PC. Thus, you can record a screen video in the limited time. Moreover, the CamStudio free trial allows users to add drawing tools and mouse effects during recording.

Well, Bandicam offers MP4 and AVI as the output video formats. So you can export your recorded video file between two choices.

Bandicam is an ideal screen recorder, however it only supports Windows version. For more Mac screen capture software, click here.


Top 3 Camtasia Free Alternative: Fraps

OS Supported: Windows

Fraps is a CamStudio alternative free to Windows platform. You can run Fraps to capture streaming games using DirectX and OpenGL technology. Of course, you can take a screenshot with Fraps while recording gameplay.

Fraps allows users to record real-time video with custom frame rate up to 120 FPS. That sounds pretty good, right? You can also click here to get more free Fraps alternatives.

Top 4 Camtasia Free Alternative: EzVid

OS Supported: Windows

EzVid offers screen recording and video creation features. Moreover, its speech synthesis allows users to record system sound while screen capture. With the help of HD video technology, you can export the recorded video file in high resolution with EzVid.

Well, you can free download the CamStudio free alternative screen recorder to access those features without extra purchase.

Top 5 Camtasia Free Alternative: FFSplit

OS Supported: Windows

FFSplit is the screen recorder freeware for Windows users only. When you use FFSplit to record streaming videos, you cannot get the pause button. Moreover, its generated video in AVI format is large.

The interface of FFSplit is not fashion enough. But if you want to capture and record your desktop only, then it can be a good CamStudio alternative free choice for you.

Top 6 Camtasia Free Alternative: Jing

OS Supported: Windows, Mac

Jing is developed by TechSmith for both Windows and Mac users. Well, you can only record a video up to 5 minutes under its free trial.

But it is enough for recording demos, presentation, video tutorials and other short videos. Be aware that Jing is a flash file and cannot put movies into iMovie for further customization.

Top 7 Camtasia Free Alternative: Webinaria

OS Supported: Windows

Webinaria supports audio narration while recording desktop video. Later, you can generate the video recording file as FLV format and upload it to the web with ease. In addition, you can also publish video as flash files.

There is no time limitation of recording screen video with Webinaria on Windows. Thus, you can use the CamStudio alternative Windows free version to record video tutorials freely.

Top 8 Camtasia Free Alternative: Expression Encoder 4

OS Supported: Windows

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 can record screencast of Windows PC screen while capturing webcam video and audio at the same time.

Moreover, you can also add a voiceover with its Audio Overlay function after the screen recording. Though you need to upgrade to its pro version after 10-minutes recording.

Top 9 Camtasia Free Alternative: Monosnap

OS Supported: Windows, Mac

Monosnap is the free CamStudio alternative for Mac and Windows users. You can run Monosnap to record video to YouTube directly. Of course, it is also supported to save the video record as MP4 format to your computer.

The advanced feature of Monosnap is its online storage. Yes, you can upload your screencasts and video records to its special cloud storage space without limitations.

Top 10 Camtasia Free Alternative: Icecream Screen Recorder

OS Supported: Windows

Icecream Screen Recorder is a good CamStudio alternative Windows free tool. You can take snapshots and record desktop easily with it. What’s more, Iceacream Screen Recorder offers a drawing panel with color boxes and annotation tools.

By using its 'Project History' feature, you can find the certain file from various screen recordings quickly. As for the output video files, you can save as MKV format.

Part 2: Best Screen Recorder Program Better than Camstudio and Camtasia

Though you can get above free CamStudio alternatives for common screen recording, there are always these or those limitations. For instance, many screen recorders lack editing tools and selectable output formats, and you can even not able to pause the video.

Camstudio Alternative For Mac

To easily record all desktop activities, you had better try Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. It is a novice-friendly screen recorder with powerful features. You can get much settings and editing options before recording. Well, both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

  • Record any video/audio and capture screen on Windows or Mac PC in high quality.
  • Manage video/audio/screenshot settings (format, quality, etc.) and output preferences freely.
  • Set the screen capture area with full screen or customized screen size.
  • Use hotkeys to record/capture or finish the screen recording whenever you want.
  • Provide lots of editing tools like drawing panel, changeable cursor, steps tools, text boxes, watermark and more.

Camstudio For Mac Free

In a word, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is not only a program like CamStudio but also a screen recorder better than CamStudio. Thus, it is super easy to record games, online videos and other streaming desktop activities smoothly here.

Still have no idea how fantastic the CamStudio alternative software is? Just free download it and have a try right now!

How to Capture YouTube Videos on Mac with the Best YouTube Screen Recorder for Mac

The preparatory work for recording YouTube videos is getting YouTube video recording software, free download on your MacBook Air/Pro or iMac 4K/5K. Now, follow the below step-by-step guide to record online videos.

Step 1: Launch this HD video recorder and click 'Screen Recorder' button on the main interface.

Apowersoft Audio Recorder For Mac

Step 2: Adjust YouTube video capture settings. In this step, you can choose 'Keep Full Screen' or 'Crop Region', adjust YouTube video quality to be recorded, tweak the video frame rate, add sound effect to your video and more.
Note: In order to successfully record YouTube videos, you'd better not adjust any setting in system sounds because your hearing will be affected by the volume increase.

Step 3: Press 'Browse' button in output setting area to select a destination folder for saving the captured YouTube videos.

Step 4: Hit 'Start Record' button to start to record YouTube on Mac. Of course, you are allowed to cancel the YouTube video record Mac process at any time.

Camstudio For Macbook Pro

For your reference: This Mac YouTube recording software is also a multipurpose video converter which can be used to convert YouTube video to HD/SD MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, etc. 180+ video formats for compatible with iPhone iPad Android devices, various media player or even web sharing sites. Besides, you also can apply YouTube screen recorder to edit the captured YouTube videos, for example, change background music, add subtitles to a YouTube video, merge separate videos into a new one, etc.

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