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Citrix Receiver Earlier Versions of Receiver for Mac Subscribe to RSS notifications of new downloads. Receiver for Mac. Receiver 12.8.1 for Mac. Jan 17, 2018. Receiver 12.7 for Mac. Sep 25, 2017. Receiver 12.6 for Mac. Jun 19, 2017. Receiver 12.5 for Mac. Mar 20, 2017. Receiver 12.4 for Mac. Oct 14, 2019  A first-time Citrix Workspace app for Mac user who obtains Citrix Workspace app for Mac from or your own download site can set up an account by entering an email address instead of a server URL. Citrix Workspace app for Mac determines the Citrix Gateway or StoreFront server associated with the email address and then prompts the user.

The Easiest Method to Uninstall Citrix Receiver from Mac. Let’s get down to the easiest and most efficient method to completely uninstall Citrix Receiver from your Mac. We strongly suggest that you use iMyMac PowerMyMac. PowerMyMac is a powerful program that can help you maximize the usage of your Mac, and yes, uninstalling is among. May 27, 2019  This package contains a software solution that has been replaced by a more recent version available for download from the Citrix support website ( It is provided merely for your convenience. Citrix recommends applying the most up-to-date version of the software, which addresses the fix or enhancement being targeted.


Download Citrix For Mac

Apple released Mac OSX 10.10 on October 16th. Changes in Mac OSX 10.10 require changes in Citrix Receiver for full operation.
Citrix will release a tech preview release of Receiver for Mac 11.9 designed to support OSX 10.10.
Users upgrading to OSX 10.10 who want to continue to use Receiver should install the Receiver for Mac 11.9 Tech Preview.
CitrixHow will existing users of Receiver 11.8.2 and XenApp and XenDesktop be impacted?
Users may experience issues with unresponsive keyboard input while using Receiver or may not be able to connect through NetScaler Gateway.
As this is a major OSX update, the full extent of possible issues user may experience with Receiver for Mac 11.8.2 is unknown.
Reporting issues for tech preview
Tech preview is not supported by Citrix tech support. Users on Mac OSX 10.10 using the Receiver for Mac 11.9 – Tech Preview should report issues to the Tech Support Discussions Forum.

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CTX200212 - Keyboard Input Fails in Citrix Session from Receiver for Mac with OSX 10.9.5

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