Before going to download the Discord App for Windows, Mac and Linux systems you should know about What is Discord App and What is discord bot. Here I providing the Free Direct download links of Discord App for All Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Here I providing the Free Direct download links of Discord App for All Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Discord is the server for voice and text chatting where one can gather friends and family and chat during a game. It promises do not slow down the games while using the discord in gaming and it is 100% complete free. Reinstalling Discord. Close Discord by using ⌘+Q or selecting the Quit option from the menubar, then make sure all Discord processes are terminated from within your Mac's Activity Monitor. (You can quickly launch the Activity Monitor by using Spotlight or Siri on your Mac!) Delete the 2 following folders: /Library/Application Support/Discord. Discord for PC / Windows / Mac / Laptop – Free Download 4.4 (87.27%) 11 votes Discord is a free chat application specially created for gamers by Hammer & Chisel Inc. Which also provide voice and text. With Discord you would be able to chat with people who love gaming.

  1. Download Discord for Mac OsX, you can Download Discord App for Mac Pc, IMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro devices. Discord app download for Mac is the full setup of DMG download and PKG formats, Download Discord Old versions also.
  2. Download Discord for Mac OsX, you can Download Discord App for Mac Pc, IMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro devices. Here I am Giving the Direct download links for Discord for Mac users, these are also called offline Installers for Mac.

Discord is the server for voice and text chatting where one can gather friends and family and chat during a game. It promises do not slow down the games while using the discord in gaming and it is 100% complete free.

DicordApp is online service can be used within the web browser, in programs for Mac and Microsoft windows or in Mobile, in applications for iOS and Android . To use this service, sign in and create a free account. Anyone can then create permanent or short term channels and call friends. These servers can easily support dozens of people totally free and work by using your microphone or in text mode.

Download Discord App Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Ios for all platforms at one place. if your using multiple devices you can syn your discord app in all devices and you can chat or use the Discord App from many devices with single discord account.


Download Discord App for all Os Types , [Direct download Links]

Download Discord App for Windows PC

Supported on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista – 64/32 bit.

Discord App Download for Mac Os

Requires minimum macOS 10.10 or higher.

Discord App Apk Download for Android

Requires Android 4.1 and higher. Download Discord apk from Google play store

Discord App Download for iOS Apple Phone and Ipad

Minimum iOS 9 and higher. by using the Above download link you can download the Discord App for both Ios Mobile (Apple phone) and Ios Tablet ( Apple Ipad) .

Supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Discord App Download for Linux

Download .TAR.GZ File3.4 (67.69%) 52votes

Download Discord for Mac OsX, you can Download Discord App for Mac Pc, IMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro devices. Here I am Giving the Direct download links for Discord for Mac users, these are also called offline Installers for Mac. users can easily download Discord latest version for Mac, and install it in the Mac pc. After installing the App On Mac pc you should create a Discord Account or if you already have a discord account you simply log in to the App and connect with your friends and Co- gamers in the easiest way. You can download it for Macintosh Laptop, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Apple, iMac, Macintosh Pc.


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  • 2 Discord for Mac Features:

What is Discord App? and how it useful for Gamers

Discord problem download

What is Discord Bot and How to create Discord Bot

Discord for Mac is an only cross-platform voice and text chat app developed especially for gamers. All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s totally free, secure, and works on both your current Mac Pc, Macbook, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers along with hassling by using Skype. Make simpler your lifetime! Discord for Mac is the current totally free voice & text chat application for groups in gamers.

Discord Download for Mac Pc

Discord for Mac Overview

Discord for Mac Is a powerful Application for Mac users that allows you to create and admin your own servers and unite members into a single voice chat. The utility is designed for communication during games. It minimally loads the Mac PC and does not take away from the game when you are playing games. it never conflicts with active applications, Discord allows you to use your keyboard shortcuts to assign different tasks. The program contains a special feature is App overlay it is also called Discord Chat overlay, with its help you can change the voice server without leaving the game and monitor the activity of the participants. The ability to exchange text messages is supported while the game is on. Users can also create Discord bots and create an invite link to Invite friends.

You can connect to the Discord service through desktop clients for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, there is the possibility of using the web version. There are applications for mobile platforms – Android and iOS.

Discord Download for MacBook Pro

The Discord developers declare that their product is much more functional than other similar solutions – TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. Indeed, the program has several advantages. For example, it contains an option to send Push notifications, so that you can also send push notifications to your friends. However ,in my view it is the best Chat application has not yet received such popularity as competitors like Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak.

Download Discord for Mac, it enables Mac users to stay connected with your friends while you are playing the game. The actual application enables you to speak with various other gamers, join game servers, make your own host, or even easily share images along with movies. Your current friends invite anyone by using a personal invitation link and handle them in a friends group.

Discord for Mac is a software program for voice communication along with text messaging, providing the capability to easily make your own server along with inviting your friends to use the application for group chats.

The actual application is well-known among gamers since it enables anyone to communicate in games without having the actual influence in FPS(Frames per Second). Offers high-quality sound, without any advertising, consists of safety towards DDoS-attacks enables anyone to block users by IP-address, modify the amount in conversation in interlocutors and even more.

Before beginning the client, anyone will have to create an account. To complete the Discord registration Process, just enter your e-mail address along with username and password. The user interface of Discord is in English if you want in other languages you can change the language it supports 18 Languages till now, has handy along with user-friendly controls. Developers created many versions that support smartphones of type Apple Ios and Android, computers based on Windows Os along with Mac Os, in addition, you can also operate Discord Account from browsers like Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers.

For Mac Users, Discord is a great chat application for game lovers to find for gamers and game developers. Using the tools of this program, you can create a voice server, add other users to it and flexibly manage the communication channel. you no need to worry about the Discord Sound Quality, The quality of sound transmission is very high and as compared to Skype. However, when it works the application uses much less System resources, that’s why it is so popular among fans of online games.

Another popular feature of the Discord is the work in the messenger mode. This option allows you to create private and public chats and correspond with other users of the program who downloaded and installed it on a computer, Android or iOS device.

Discord for Mac Features:

Totally free App. Never pay for voice chat again:

Discord is always totally free to make use of by using no contracts. This means you can create as numerous servers as you would like to by no restrictions. Wondering how we’ll make money? Within the future, there is going to be suggested cosmetics such as themes, sticker packages, along with sound packages designed for purchase. We’ll never charge for Discord’s core performance.

Play online by using peace in mind

Encrypted server to client communication keeps your current IP address safe along with built-in DDoS safety by using automated server failover.

Always be connected with your friends:

Free Discord download for Mac is a totally free Mac Os application to chat during the actual go or even call your current friends by sending the push notification by using an @mention.

Sending files, Images and Videos is much simple

Text chat application created for the 21st century With Advance features, This is not only designed to send simple text messages you can also simply share pictures, movies, along with links from your Mac PC or even iPhone. Discord embeds most types in media directly within the chat like GIFs, Jpeg images, Png Images etc.

Using Minimal System Resources of Mac Pc :

Voice chat on Discord which doesn’t never slow down your current game, As I told many times the main advantage of the Discord for Mac is it consumes only low system resources while gaming, Discord never put the heavy impact on your Mac Pc or Mac book, it only put minimal impact regarding your current CPU. Your running game’s efficiency will not be affected by using it when you are playing games on Mac Pc or MacBook, MacBook Pro. I tested Discord with Skype on my Mac PC, while Discord uses only 10 to 15 % of System resources when I was on a voice call and Video call, but Skype showing the 30% to 35% while I am on Voice call and Video call. So By using Discord On Mac Pc or Macbook pro your System Will does unrrespcorresponding stage.

User Freindly UI (User Interface )

Discord For Mac Os X 10.9

The easiest full free Chat application you have ever seen, The application requires just 10 seconds to install and doesn’t need any drivers or even weird setting configuration. Discord can easily even manage within the technique that is excellent for gamers anyone invites in your voice channel, you can also block users in the chat rooms who follow the rules. Anyone can easily free download for Mac OSX to connect and run the application for maximum efficiency.

Server Controlling Simple with Discord

Controlling your current server is simple, Robust permissions along with many programs, all inside an easy-to-use UI, make Discord excellent both for smaller groups or even large guilds. Finally, the actual power you’ve may actually expect through TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Mumble within a single package which isn’t ridiculously complex.

Calls with Voice high quality

You can make completely High-Quality Voice calls with Discord. It developed with the latest technologies by using the jitter buffer, automated gain management, noise suppression, echo cancellation, program attenuation regarding Mac and much more. Download Discord for Mac, You will definitely love the application along with its advance features everywhere you can use it in Mac PC, Macbook, Windows PC pc, along with the mobile devices like Android Mobile, Apple iPhone.

Securely connect and message friends

Discord enables anyone to include friends along with individually message them outside in servers. Utilize our block function to prevent direct communications through baddies, who abuse in chat rooms. We even hide the actual offenders’ text messages in servers then those messages completely deleted from Servers and you can keep your Servers clean with friendly conversation not with hatred and abusive languages.

See who’s talking without having pressing alt+tab Discord’s personalized overlay enables anyone to see who’s talking within the middle with the action. Anyone will also modify personal volume configurations, modify servers along with programs, or even kick people all without having to leave your current game. The actual overlay involves the Discord Mac Client and creates most games which utilize DirectX 9, DirectX 11, along with OpenGL.

Discord is a free VoIP application, originally intended for gaming communities. It has gained some popularity in development communities, like Reactiflux, thanks to the ability to serve a large number of users.

Voice Changer For Discord For Mac

The Discord translation is carried out at the expense of community efforts, and now the application supports 18 languages.

Discord For Mac Advantages:

I already discussed the app Features in above section, here are some Advantages of Discord App Advantages in brief , take a look at this

  • Is free, it is totally free for Mac users
  • IP & DDoS protection
  • Works in the browser
  • Mobile app
  • Friend list
  • Overlay
  • Audio codec Opus
  • Low latency
  • Minimum CPU load
  • Various “hot keys”
  • Push notifications
  • Privilege
  • Multichannel
  • Modern Text Chat
  • Individual volume control
  • Private messages
  • Automatic fault tolerance

Discord download for Mac Os

Discord Soundboard For Mac

Discord app download for Mac is the full setup of DMG download and PKG formats application. you can download and Install in your Mac Pc, Mac Book, MacBook Pro with a single click. it takes typically seconds of time to install Discord Mac, After Installation is completed you should create new account fi you new or login to your account if you already discord user then you can connect to friends and co gamers instantly. Here I am Giving the Discord Download links for Macintosh Laptop, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook, Apple, iMac, Macintosh Laptop MacBook.

Discord For Mac Os 10.6

The official version of the Discord for mac installation file is the .pkg and .dmg installation packages. After the user downloads the complete installation file, double-click to start the installation of the official version of Discord for mac.

Discord Old versions Download Links

Discord Download For Pc Windows 10

Along with the Latest Discord version for Mac, I compile a list of other versions of Discord if you need old versions of discord then download from below links

Download Discord 0.0.250 for Mac [Old Version ]

Download Discord 0.0.249 for Mac [Old Version ]

Download Discord 0.0.247 for Mac [Old Version ]

Discord Games For Mac

Download Discord 0.0.246 for Mac [Old Version ]

Download Discord 0.0.243 for Mac [Old Version ]

Discord For Mac Download

Download Discord 0.0.242 for Mac [Old Version ]

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