Mac Compatible Drawing Tablets

Shopping for an Apple drawing pad? A wide variety of Macintosh compatible computer drawing pad and graphics tablet hardware exists. Many Apple graphics design, CAD, and illustration programs that run under MacOS can take advantage of their pressure sensitive pen input capabilities.

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Top-Selling Cheap Drawing Pad For MacOS
Battery-Free Pen - 4'x6' Surface Area

Wacom Drawing Pads For Mac OSX

It's no secret Wacom utterly dominates the pressure sensitive drawing pad market for Apple and Windows computers. As a premium peripherals provider, they set the bar for features and build hi-quality input peripherals. Many Apple friendly Wacom tablets come with your choice of OSX software bundles: The Intuos tablet below is bundled as Photo, Art, and Comic models. As such, read the product description closely to ascertain which Mac compatible drawing pad apps may be bundled if you don't already own your preferred pressure-sensitive drawing or editing software.
Drawing Pad For Mac
Top-Selling Wacom Pen TabletWacom LCD Drawing Display
Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet
With Software Bundle
Wacom Cintiq Display Tablet
HDMI Connected LCD Display

Mac Compatible Drawing Tablet

Mac Graphic Tablets

Generally, Apple compatible drawing tablets utilize either a USB connection or offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity freedom. Depending on your needs or your budget, the size of the Apple drawing pads surface can vary greatly. Mobile MacBook Pro or Air users may prefer a smaller size for easy travel. Small handheld pressure-sensitive tablets can be very affordable and provide casual doodlers and sketchers a great deal of expressive artistic freedom. Professional illustrators, 3-D modelers, mechanical drafters and architects using a Mac mini or iMac at their desktop computer tend to prefer a much larger drawing surface areas. At the high-end, pricier LCD Display tablets let you sketch directly on the monitor surface for more direct editing and artistic expression.
Affordable Monoprice Pen TabletLow-Cost Ugee Graphic Tablet
10' x 6' Monoprice Tablet
With Programmable Buttons
Widescreen Ugee Drawing Pad
Programmable Buttons + 10' X 6' Area

Drawing Pad For Mac Adobe Illustrator

Nearly all modern drawing pads for Mac now use cordless, battery-free pens. These stylus work via electromagnetic induction. Replaceable pen tips aka 'nibs' are also included. The extra stylus nibs can usually be stored in the pen-holder's base on your desktop.

Pressure Sensitive Drawing Software For Mac

A suprising number of OSX apps support the speed, tilt and pressure of a tablet's pen. Of course, Adobe's Creative Suite apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, Corel's Painter, animation apps and other's can immediately take advantage of these more expressive strokes and guestures.

Apple Drawing Pad Preferences

Nearly all Mac compatible drawing tablets offer a downloadable OSX Preference Pane to customize the sketch pad's responsiveness and assign functions to the programmable buttons that many tablets have. A few moments customizing drawing pad's stylus and button settings will really help to improve your workflow and refine your sketch pad's responsiveness and versatility.

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