Looking for a dupe for MAC Whirl? We found six products that can help you get the soft pink look without breaking the bank. Dupes Dupes for MAC Whirl Lipstick. Save those dollars! There's no denying that MAC's lipstick is a quality, classic lipstick. And one of the brand's most beloved shades happens to be a soft pinky neutral, Whirl, that. Jan 02, 2018  M.A.C Spice Lip Liner Dupe. This liner is described on the M.A.C site as being a pink cinnamon stick shade. I love this shade because it has such warmth to it and I really like it with paired with M.A.C Velvet Teddy! MAC Stripdown lipstick is also a pretty shade and we will give you the dupes if you just comment that you are looking for MAC Stripdown dupe. We have listed down two MAC Lipliner dupes now and will be adding more to this list as and when we stumble upon some great dupes. The next list is for MAC Whirl dupe and we are this close to closing the list.


The women have tendency to fall in love with a lipstick that’s too expensive for their pocket. Luckily, we can always dupe an expensive lipstick. Why pay for something $30 when you can have the same look for a much lower price, right?

Our lipstick dupe list is gonna save you up to $343. You’ll have a lots of extra cash to spend on other makeup products that are on your wishlist . Check these 23 high-end makeup lipsticks side by side with their drugstore duplicates and make your life easier.

1. MAC Velvet Teddy

Dupe #1: Revlon ‘Mauve it Over’

Dupe Price: $1.97

Saved: $14.03

Dupe #2: Wet n Wild ‘Bare it All’

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $2.29

Saved: $13.71

2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy ‘Desirable’

Dupe: Makeup Revolution London ‘When you Came to Me’

Price: $30

Dupe Price: $3.8

Saved: $26.2

3. MAC Crème d’Nude

Dupe: Maybelline ‘Blushing Beige’

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $5.5

Saved: $10.5

4. MAC Rebel

Dupe: Wet n Wild ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $1.99

Saved: $14.01

5. MAC Faux

Dupes: Essence ‘Cool Nude’ & Covergirl ‘Romance Romantique’

Price: $16

Dupe prices: $2.8 & $6.23

Saved: $13.2 or $9.77

6. MAC Peachstock


Dupe: Revlon ‘Nude Attitude’

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $7.99

Saved: $8.01

7. MAC Saint Germain

Dupe: Wet n Wild ‘Dollhouse Pink’

Price: $16

Dupe price: $1.99

Saved: $14.01

8. MAC Myth

Dupe: Maybelline ColorSensational Rebel Bloom ‘Barely Bloomed’

Price: $16

Dupe price: $7.49

Saved: $8.51

9. MAC Fresh Brew

Dupe: NYX Round Lipstick ‘Honey’

Price: $16

Dupe price: $3.99

Dupes For Mac Whirl 3

Saved: $12.01

10. MAC Diva

Dupe: P2 Pure Color Lipstick ‘Corso Como’

Price: $16

Dupe price: $2.2

Saved: $13.8

11. MAC Chatterbox

Dupe: NYX Fig (#640)

Dupes For Mac Whirl 1

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $4

Saved: $12

12. MAC Pink Nouveau

Dupe: NYX ‘Summer Breeze’

Price: $16

Dupe Price: $6

Saved: $10

13. MAC Pink Poodle

Dupe: Wet n Wild ‘Fuchsia with Blue Pearl’

Price: $16

Dupe price: $0.93

Saved: $15.07

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