But can your Mac run the hottest game in the world right now? Fortnite is so big, we decided to do something big too. Instead of testing one of the finest FPS games for Mac on our usual three machines, we tested it on more than two dozen Macs, thanks to you, our readers.

Magic: The Gathering fans will soon be able to duel it out via the Epic Games Store. Soon after that, macOS users will be able to get in on the fun. Wizards of the Coast announced that the digital game Magic: The Gathering Arena will be making its way to the Epic Games Store this winter. A macOS compatible client will follow soon after.

In a post on the Magic: The Gathering website, Wizards stated that the Epic Games Store will be the company’s “exclusive third-party PC download partner,” but that game’s client will remain available to download via the Magic Arena website. The Epic Games store release should mean little to existing players but is intended to expand awareness of the game as it nears the end of its open beta phase.

A macOS compatible client has been requested often by players. macOS users have gotten around the lack of native support by using virtual desktops, but a macOS client will put an end to the technical issues with that setup that seem to come up after each new Arena update.

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As for launches on other platforms – such as mobile devices or consoles – Wizards remained guarded. “The plan has always been to bring MTG Arena to millions of players around the world. Currently, we're fine-tuning the game during it's Open Beta on PC, but bringing the game to the Epic Games Store will be a great first step in taking Magic to new places. After our launch on Epic, we will follow shortly after with a release for Mac.”

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a free-to-play digital version of the popular trading card game. The game’s high-fidelity visuals are intended to make the game more appealing to streamers and more enjoyable as an esport for spectators. Wizards runs the weekly Magic Pro League series via Magic: The Gathering Arena. Its also run major events known as Mythic Championships via the program, allowing players who perform well on Arena’s ranked ladder a chance to compete.

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It’s set to be a busy season for Magic: The Gathering Arena. Standard set rotation will place in October with the release of the Throne of Eldraine set. At the same time, Arena will introduce the new Historic format, which is exclusive to the game. There are also plans to introduce the popular tabletop format called Brawl into Arena.

What do you think of Magic: The Gathering Arena heading to the Epic Games Store? Are you excited about the upcoming macOS release? Let us know in the comments. Magic: The Gathering Arena is available now for PC.

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