1. Best External Hard Drive For Mac And Windows

If you have bought something like a baseline MacBook pro and saved a little cash, but then soon hit with the storage issue when trying to install windows using Bootcamp

Dec 29, 2015  The instructions below are for Windows 10, but other versions of Windows from Windows 7 and up can also format an external drive as exFAT for use with Mac as.

We all know that 128 gb is not enought these so we might have bought something like a an external HDD for some additional storage.

  1. If the hard drive were formatted for HFS it would not show up on the Windows Computer. If the Partition Scheme were Apple Partition Map, it would also not show up. For maximum compatibility, back up everything from the external hard drive onto your Mac. Open Disk Utility, select the.
  2. Mar 19, 2014  Question: Q: External Hard Drive for Mac to Windows? Today I bought a 3TB My Book external hard drive. The only reason I need this is to move my 2,000+ pictures and 100+ videos off my Mac and keep them safe. These pictures and videos are filling up my memory and I can't seem to do much else with the whole 10GB I have free.
External Hard Drive For Mac And Windows

In this tutorial is going to tell u how to install windows on to the external drive and save precious 32gb(minimum for windows 10) from your hard drive

This tutorial is based on

But I will tell how to add another mac (HFS+) partition that can be used to install mac os apps if you don't need them



External HDD or SSD(if you are rich?)

windows pc(better to have a real windows pc, if not the link above describes how to use a virtual machine)

windows 10 iso(get it from Microsofts website or refer the link above)


External Hard Drive For Mac And Windows

And little patience and persistence to try again if something goes wrong

Best External Hard Drive For Mac And Windows

Make sure to backup anything on your external drive, I can assure u one thing it won't be easy to get it back to get it back once this done, I would also recommend to backup you do a full-time machine backup if you have

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