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2014-7-27  The system icons of Mac OS X decorate nearly everything found within the Finder and desktop, ranging from default folder icons, to the default icons of hard disks, network machines, even the Finder sidebar items, and some toggles found throughout Mac. Mac folder Icons - Download 5027 Free Mac folder icons @ IconArchive. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here.

2012-5-9  There you have it, over 55 stunningly beautiful Mac folder icons. No matter what size, shape or form, these icons are meant to customize the look and feel of your folders. Keep in mind that some are completely free even for commercial use, and some are only free for your own personal use. Also if you are having trouble changing icons, here is a. 2019-10-3  Folder folder 图标下载,支持的格式:svg png ico icns,图标作者:Demcha,图标使用说明:Free for personal use only. 搜索图标 Folder folder mac os folder icons 返回 图标下载 首页 + 图标关键词 Folder folder PNG图标下载 3882 ICO图标下载 3404 ICNS图标下载. How to Change the Hard Drive Icons on Your Mac Justin Pot @jhpot Updated September 10, 2017, 9:51pm EDT If you connect a lot of drives to your Mac—or connect a particular external hard drive to a lot of different Macs—it can all be a lot to keep track of.

Icons are of great value in regards to the user’s experience. Icons can be a great tool in representing apps, actions etc. as well as for personalization. Mac offers users personalization options to compliment the individual’s flow of use and aesthetic preference.


To get you started in to customize your Mac desktop, you may browse through our list Mac Icons that are available in different design styles and sets. You may also check out our collection of free icons.

Mac Folder Icons

Mac Desktop Icons

Mac Icon Sets

Meet the Different Mac Icons

Mac icons represent the files, folders, and disk on your Mac. It is necessary to build a distinction between them. In case, you want to personalize your Mac’s desktop, it’ll be a breeze from here.

In your Mac book, there are hard drive icons that represent your hard drive (Macintosh HD). Another example is the Mac icon with red curtains and in which half of a stool can be seen is represented by a Photo Booth.

Folder Icons For Mac

The most common icons are folders and file icons. Folders incorporate files such as music, documents, apps and so on and are designed with icons outside the folders to easily identify the documents.

In Changing Mac Icons

Your Mac’s desktop is similar to your home, you get to redecorate, edit and make it free from clutter to match your personality and preference. Mac offers its users to be able to change their desktop icons and is easily applicable.

If you are going to personalize your Mac desktop, you are going to need new icons. Lucky for you, we have a collection of fifty-two best Mac icons you can use at your disposal. Down below are sets of Mac icons that are provided in a downloadable format on the website. You may also browse through our list of Mac icons here.

Mac App Icons

Mac Flat Icons

Mac Vector Icons

Mac Outline Icon

Options in Choosing your Mac Icons

iOS 7 is the visual departure from its predecessors. The new software suggests coherence and since shifted to tinted text for their icons. Since then, there have been icon sets available that you can utilize. If you are looking for one, the Mac Icon Sets is up for grabs. The color scheme displays as opaque and has an excellent use of gradient. We promise you, this set is also compatible with Windows.

Folder Icons For Mac Os X

You may also see the Mac App Icons in which all icons are titled and are designed with an understated color scheme and appropriate shadows to add depth.

If you are looking for folder icons, the Mac Folder Icons is a perfect choice. The Mac folder icons are trimmed with thick outlines and filled with a cloudy gradient blue color. This set of Mac folder icons are commercially available and it comes along with twenty-seven other icons.

If you are looking for Mac-based desktop icons, the Mac Desktop Icons is a good reference to start with. Its design mimics a backlit background to show a hazy style and is combined with a set of bright colors. This set displays a light use of fonts and graphics.

Folder Icons For Macbook

You can also use your own Mac inspired icon designs to personalize your Mac book. If you are to create a fun set of icons, the Mac Flat Icons is a good design to use as a reference for your current and future projects.

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