macOS does not ship with a built-in equalizer for global audio. If you use iTunes, you can find and use the equalizer which is buried deep within the menu options. If you’re willing to pay a bit of money, you can get Boom 3d which not only gives you an equalizer but also volume boost and surround sound. However, if you are looking for a free equalizer, you cannot go wrong with eqMac2 by Bitgapp.

  1. Equalizer APO is preloaded with many awesome features and its exceptionally easy to use. It’s free to download, and this software is available on its dedicated website. The Room EQ wizard helps to set default EQ for your room automatically. Equalizer APO has many audio filters which you can use to filter the audio filter. Equalizer APO.
  2. Boom from Global Delight lets you increase volume on Mac and much more. Its advanced Mac equalizer presets and audio effects enhance the audio experience for movies and music. Learn more and download this app here!

eqMac2 is a free and open-source equalizer for macOS. The app sits in the menu bar and lets users select from a variety of default presets to modify any audio output on their Mac. The app sports 10-bands and 31-bands, allowing audiophiles to customize to their heart’s desire. eqMac2 also lets users apply different equalizers to different outputs, whether it’s 3.5mm line-out, USB, HDMI or wireless audio output over Bluetooth. I’ve personally tested eqMac2 with AirPods and they work wonderfully. At the time of writing this piece, there is an issue with loud wireless audio output so beware.

Sep 26, 2019  2. Denon Audio: The Best Equalizer apps for iPhone. The Denon Audio is a free of charge third-party EQ app for iPhone and iOS 5 later devices. Including features such as a real-time spectrum analyzer, linear-phase design. Very powerful EQ app in them you can also be controlled Music. Bypass mode to quickly compare the original and equalized audio.


I also tested eqMac2 over HDMI output to my Samsung TV and the result was a noticeable improvement over the default audio. The equalizer changes had an impact over both movies and music playback and really improve my listening experience. A tip though: always use either the iTunes equalizer or eqMac2 but not both at the same time. Enabling both at the same time does not result in a good audio experience.

Mac Equalizer Software

31 bands in eqMac2

If I have to nitpick, it might be the fact that the app installs a driver during setup. The driver is important to the app’s functionality but, on Mac, you cannot easily manage drivers without diving into the Terminal. So it can be a bit of a concern if there’s an issue with the driver files. Always

Free Equalizer For Mac Os

If you are one of those folks who used to love tinkering with the equalizer in Winamp or are an audiophile who knows how audio best sounds like, eqMac2 is a must have. It’s free, open-source and works well whether you use a MacBook’s speakers, headphones, AirPods, or output audio over HDMI.

Free Sound Equalizer For Mac

All audiophiles and music lovers know about the importance of Equalizer, but sadly the default iTunes Music player on Mac OS X doesn’t come with an equalizer. Neither does the Spotify app for music streaming has an in-built equalizer. So, here’s a free app which will add a great working Equalizer to Mac OS X Â (Mavericks, Â Yosemite, Mountain Lion & El Capitan as well)

How to Install Equalizer on Mac OS X –

  • First of all, Download the eqMac app for Mac OS X from the link below (its free of cost unlike Hear app) and can be classified as a Boom app alternative –
    Click here to Download the eqMac Equalizer for Mac app (.dmg) file.
  • After downloading the eqMac install the downloaded .dmg file , by dragging and dropping the app image to Applications folder as shown in the below image. A detailed tutorial to install apps from .dmg file can be found here. (Tip – open the .dmg file by pressing ctrl key + mouse click to install)

    Drag & Drop the icon to install eqMac Mac Equalizer

    Now, after dragging & dropping the eqMac icon the app will be installed.

  • Launch the eqMac app, it will ask you permissions to modify the sound output , permit the app to required audio access.
  • The eqMac app will now be showned up on your TopBar as shown in the below image –

    Equalizer on Mac (eqMac)

    Now simply adjust the corresponding toggles to change the Bass , Treble and adjust the equalizer to Bass , Flat , Jazz , Rock or any other type of Songs & Audio.

  • You can directly change the audio output from the topbar which no other equalizer app provides for free!.
  • Also eqMac isn’t a media player and changes the system audio Stream it works with iTunes, Spotify, Google Chrome (Youtube) or any other media app installed on your Macbook. Thus eqMac is a highly recommended app.

Note –Â Inorder to disable the app, simply Close the app by clicking on “Quit” in the drop-down menu and your Audio would be back to the normal Mac OS Output.

Mac Os Equalizer


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