Anywhere you have a conversation, GIPHY is right there with you. Our infinite GIF catalog of pop culture, original animations and real-time content is primed for sharing on your phone, tablet, desktop … and even the next platform that hasn’t even been built yet.

We put GIFs in Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Tinder, Slack and that’s just naming a few of our partners.

Today, we’re putting them under your thumbs, so you can add any GIF to any app on your iPhone. Introducing GIPHY Keys: The GIF Keyboard for iOS!

In the revamped Messages app in iOS 10, you can now send animated GIFs from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch without a third-party keyboard like Giphy or GIF Keyboard. Best of all, this is not just an iMessage-only feature. We tested it out and were able to send animated GIFs to Android users via text messaging, so none of your friends have to miss out on those awesome GIFs.

GIFs are awesome, but GIFing from your keyboard is some next-level stuff, and Apple knows this. That's why they've included a way to find and send GIFs in Messages from the stock iOS 10 keyboard. However, iOS 10 is not out for the public just yet, so if you want to easily send GIFs in your messages, you'll have to settle for a third-party keyboard. PopKey is shutting down. We're hanging up our hats as fine purveyors of GIFs. Thanks for joining us on our GIF keyboard adventure. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard For PC (Windows & MAC) November 17, 2017 By Hasan Abbas Leave a Comment Fleksy Keyboard is an Android keyboard that combines an extensive and powerful range of features with an elegant design, to give rise to one of the most complete keyboards that can be found within the operating system. The name “GIF Keyboard” is a bit of a misnomer for the Mac version of the popular GIF sharing utility. While the iPhone version of the app truly does work as a third-party keyboard on iOS, there is no such implementation on Mac, despite it retaining the same name.

Download GIPHY Keys now and keep reading to learn more.

We all have those moments. When you know what you want to say, but Kristen Wiig says it better. When a Tweet needs a touch of spice and a touch fewer characters. When you both swiped right, and it’s time to break the ice.

That’s what GIPHY does best. We put all the GIFs right there so you can focus on sharing the freshest, the craziest, and the most gloriously retro- classic moments with your friends, family and frenemies alike.

Armed with the power of GIPHY, you can tap into the freshest cultural trends unfolding at this very second.

Or have something more specific in mind? Type a few quick words into our search or casually browse our library by mood, memes, or movies. Favorite the best finds to always have easy access to your inner fierce Beyonce.

Keys puts the entire arsenal of GIPHY’s library beneath your thumbs so you can send GIFs flying into any conversation with a rapid tap-tap-paste.

Jillian Fisher, GIPHY’s Director of Mobile Product, knew an intuitive and frictionless design was crucial for welcoming Keys into your everyday life. It needed to be fast. It needed to be fun. And it needed to be easy.

“'All the GIFs and all the keys are always there whenever you want them.” - Jillian

Hence the keypad, which is designed to swap from typing words to sharing GIFs as fast as your thumbs can move.

How to Get Started with GIPHY Keys. The GIF Keyboard

1) Pick a GIF from GIPHY’s Trending Feed or type in a search for something you want

2) Scroll through all the GIFs

3) Tap once to copy the GIF you want

4) Tap in your chat to paste the GIF

5) Then hit send and make all your friends smile

Now you’re speaking our language; you’re talking in GIFs! (Want a more in-depth how-to? Take a look at our handy little guide to sending GIFs via GIPHY Keys.)

Gif Keyboard For Mac

Wherever GIFs play, GIPHY Keys has you covered. A few of those apps might even surprise you…

Best Gif Keyboard For Mac

Yeah. We know.

This isn’t just a GIF Keyboard; this is GIPHY Keys: The GIF Keyboard.

So next time you hear “should we eat pizza tonight?” Open up Keys and let magic #8ball end the argument before it even begins.

Keys also combines the weird wit of the internet with the power of GIPHY tools. You can use #echo or #weather to make custom GIFs on the fly, harness the prescient powers of our magic #8ball, and explore many more new and exciting power-ups.

GIPHY is where all the GIFs call home. And now there’s a new member of our mobile family, for you to use and enjoy an infinite catalog of all the feels. Find what you love, discover new favorites, or make your own.

More GIPHY, in more places. It’s what we do.

Download the app here. Stay in touch here.

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