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Why do we need GParted Windows tool

What is GParted Windows tool? And why do we need GParted Windows tool? GParted is one free partition editor which supports to graphically manage users disk partitions under Windows OS. The concept about GParted can be traced back to 10 years ago that this tool supports early Windows XP and even Vista users to shrink or extend partition size, delete or create partitions and even create space for new OS.

Gparted mac free download. GParted GNOME Partition Editor for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions. It uses libparted f.

For new Windows users, it's impossible to resize or move partitions on their own if you are not familiar with partition disk management. This is why we need one GParted Windows tool.

Disadvantages of GParted

However, it turns out that the old GParted cannot satisfy most new Windows users' increasing needs such as to convert system disk from MBR to GPT or migrate OS to HDD/SSD especially under Windows 10.

Gparted For Mac Os X


Some users even complain that GParted does not support well in resizing and moving partitions. It takes quite a long time to extend NTFS partition, and moreover, it seems that no one really boot system successfully after using GParted rezised system partition.

This is why we need to find a new even better GParted Windows tool to help more Windows users manage their partition disk and space. Does there exist free partition software that can exceed the old GParted? What is the best free GParted Windows tool?

EaseUS Partition Master Free Is the Best Free GParted Windows Tool

When you search GParted Windows tool, you will find countless similar Windows partition management software online and you may even feel hard to choose the best one to manage disk partition. Here we'd like to introduce one free GParted Windows tool - EaseUS Partition Master Free for you.

It's 100% free and secure, supporting users to resize or move partition, delete or create partitions, convert disks to MBR/GPT, transfer system or even upgrade HDD to SSD. All these features make it more convenient for users to do whatever they need to partition Windows disk. Moreover, it supports all Windows OS from Windows 10/8.1/8 to XP and even Vista.

If you are looking for the best free GParted Windows tool, EaseUS Partition Master Free won't let you down. To manage Windows partition or disk, this tool is your best shot!

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