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With JMP®, you can solve problems, reveal opportunities and inform decisions with a rich set of comprehensive capabilities for statistical analysis. Statistical Analysis capabilities in JMP® include:

  • Univariate and multivariate linear and nonlinear analysis.
  • Time series analysis.
  • Multivariate optimization and Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Hierarchical and k-means clustering.

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Try JMP free for 30 days. Simply create a SAS profile and then embark on your own journey of dynamic statistical discovery.

Use JMP statistical analysis software to visualize your data and make informed decisions quickly.

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Latest Episodes

#508: One for Me and One for You, with Sara Dietschy

November 3rd, 2019·83 minutes

YouTuber and podcaster Sara Dietschy joins Stephen and David to share about her video work, from cameras to editing and beyond. They also discuss managing large amounts of data across multiple locations, the role of the iPad and turning creative work into a business.

#507: Ian Elsner & His Stick of Gum PC

October 27th, 2019·89 minutes

David and Stephen talk with Ian Elsner, a museum exhibit creator who is using the iPhone SE, iPad Pro and an Intel Compute Stick together in some very interesting and unusual ways to help develop educational exhibits for kids and adults.

#506: iOS Accessories

October 20th, 2019·97 minutes

Our iOS devices go with us just about everywhere, and pairing them with some select accessories can make them more useful in more situations. This week, Stephen and David talk about some of the products that they rely on when using their iPhones and iPads, from cases and batteries to tripods and keyboard.

#505: Chris Bailey and the Noah's Ark of Dongles

October 13th, 2019·88 minutes

Stephen and David are joined by Chris Bailey, an author and presenter with an undying love for TextEdit and getting focused work done with the Mac and iPad.

#504: The Release of macOS Catalina

October 7th, 2019·84 minutes

macOS Catalina is here. It breaks with a lot of the past, while showing us a bit of what the future of the Mac may hold. In this special bonus episode, David and Stephen dive into what's what in this year's release of macOS.

#503: Fax the Updates, with Dave Hamilton

October 6th, 2019·84 minutes

David and Stephen are joined by Dave Hamilton to talk about his work at The Mac Observer and BackBeat Media, his approach to podcasting, how covering Apple has changed over the years and some software tools every Mac user should know about.

#502: I Saw Your Face on the Internet

September 29th, 2019·106 minutes

In this feedback episode, David and Stephen revisit Alfred and backups and talk about iOS 13's bumpy release and the new iPhone and Apple Watch. Stephen also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the recent Relay FM Podcastathon and closes the episode by reading a list of the iPhones he has broken over the years.

#501: iOS 13 and the Shortcuts Field Guide

September 22nd, 2019·106 minutes

iOS 13 is here, and is full of new features. This week, David and Stephen talk about some of their favorites, after talking through the changes Apple has made to Shortcuts.

#500: David in the Hot Seat

September 15th, 2019·69 minutes

Stephen marks the 500th episode of Mac Power Users by interviewing David about his career, technology and choice of light saber color.

Gpower For Mac Download

#499: Backups and Updates

September 8th, 2019·96 minutes

Download G Power For Mac

Backing up our Macs, iPhones and iPads is easier than ever, but many people don't bother making sure their data is safe and sound. This week, David and Stephen talk through some basic backup strategies before offering some advice when considering upgrading to new versions of macOS and iOS.

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