Lost WiFi passwords are one of the many mysteries of using Macs. You’ve connected to a WiFi network when you first set up your Mac, but if you ever need to retrieve WiFi password to share with someone else, it seems near impossible to access it.

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  2. How To Find Out Password For Wifi On Mac

These scenarios are all too familiar to students and office workers alike, leading to incessant irritation and regret that they hadn’t taken note of the password at the time of making it. Here’s a quick guide to resolving those situations.

Check the default password first

All routers come with a default network name and password which can be used to access the connection, providing you haven’t changed them since installation. They are normally located under the code SSID on the bottom or back of the routers. If you can’t find the password on the actual router, it’s worth getting your hunting gloves on and sifting through the household paperwork to find it in the device’s manual.

How to Retrieve the Wi-Fi Password of a Connected Network on a Mac. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Active 11 months ago. Viewed 1.5m times 271. I need to find the password for a Wi-Fi network that I am already connected to. I'm using a MacBook Pro that's running OS X Lion. Any guidance is appreciated.

But if that seems like a lost cause, you may be able to locate the password by trialing common username and password combinations. These vary between network providers, but most use “admin” for the username and either “1234” or “admin” for the password.

Find the WiFi password on Mac

Just in case your default password wasn’t “admin” — don’t worry. Finding your current or previous WiFi network passwords on Mac is in fact pretty simple.

Open up the spotlight search by clicking on the magnifying tool in the top right of your monitor and type “Keychain” to launch an app in-built into macOS systems, which provides detailed network data for WiFi connections.

Once you’re in Keychain, select the name of your network in the list, and click the info button at the bottom of the window. This will allow you to select “show password,” prompting you to enter your Mac’s login details. After you do, Keychain will display WiFi password for the network.

Reset your network router

Clearly, resetting the router is a lengthy and tiresome process that many of us don’t have time for, or simply can’t be bothered with. It’s usually the latter. But, don’t fret, you can reset your router and force it to use the default WiFi passphrase printed on it.

Simply look for a small reset button on the router — it’s typically a pinhole button you’d need to press with a small, thin object (we recommend a bent paperclip). Hold the button for 10 seconds, and your network’s settings will be completely erased and reset to their defaults. This then enables you to use the login credentials stated on the router itself, meaning you can take note of the password to prevent similar stressful situations in the future.

If none of that works for any reason, you might wonder what’s the best way to store and keep track of passwords electronically? Well…

Get a trustworthy password manager

To always be able to see WiFi passwords, our recommendation would be to get a simple and secure password manager, such as Secrets. Secrets is an efficient and friendly system which securely stores important information like passwords, credit cards, and bank details.

And besides, Secrets uses impressive predictive analytics to boost your productivity. By automatically filling out logins on Safari or Chrome, you can forget about copying and pasting, or scratching your head remembering which password you used for a particular website.

The intelligent search feature based on keywords and tags also enables you to find particular information quickly, as well as helping to create strong, secure passphrases through the password generator. In addition, you can save yourself the hassle of transferring data manually to other devices, as your secrets are effortlessly kept in sync across your Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad using iCloud.

Private passwords storage

Access Secrets via Setapp. One easy tool that gives you the most secure way to store passwords.

Keep passwords safe and sound

Secrets was designed with security at the forefront of priorities. All your data is stored in the OpenPGP format, which is an established and well-known standard used by most big business databases. The format allows data to be encrypted and signed with AES/RSA algorithms, a tried and tested system used even by the US Government.

Due to there being no browser extensions or helper programmes, Secrets is the only app to decrypt and handle your data, preventing third-party access. Furthermore, automatic locking keeps your information safe, even if your device is lost or stolen. With established and logical security measures, you can rest assured that your secrets are safe with them.


Through having all your important data in one easily accessible location, you’ll never be searching through the paperwork archives for lost passwords or usernames again, so you can put those hunting gloves away for good. Best of all, Secrets is available for you to try free via Setapp, along with over 120 other useful apps for your Mac. Put your passwords to safety today and never forget them again.

Hello guys – Welcome to SteveWorld Of Mac Solutions. Today’s article is very important. From a 3 years old kid till 70 years old man wanna know about the wifi password. Am I right? So this article is about [HOW TO FIND WIFI PASSWORD ON MAC]

Have you ever thought that in just a single day how many passwords do you have to type to login? Just think which is the 1st and most important password that you need to place in? Think, Think. Yes! You have got it right. The wifi password. But do you know? How to find wifi password on Mac?

Technology and Global Village has brought to such a world that we are surrounded by passwords all around. And let me tell you a very interesting human instinct that we usually don’t remember passwords all the times.

A clear evident to support the statement is the presence of different tools which are there for the ease of humans that remember password for you people. If you use google chrome with a google account, it remembers your passwords. But the sad thing is that Chrome doesn’t know your wifi password.

Well if you ask me.

I’ll say that type the password on a world pad or sticky note app, save it in your google account. But then I think that what if you forget your google password. Isn’t it interesting?

You must be thinking that when you get connected to the wifi, the wifi password automatically gets saved to the device then why I am telling you about this thing. Am I right?

But you need to know the wifi password on your mac when you update to restore your macbook to factory settings. As you reset you device, you will be asked the wifi password during settings.

Am I right.

Then you will be feeling more thirsty then a thirsty crow to know the wifi password on mac. Jokes apart, mac without wifi is something that really is extremely disturbing.

I am going to share with you 3 very easy and simple methods that will help you, how to find wifi password on mac.

These 3 methods are;


Let’s check these methods in details



If you want to find wifi password on the mac without Keychain then this is what you need to do;

There are always several applications or software available in the Mac App Store to perform various tasks. Password Management is a task that not everyone master perennially. Therefore, I’m telling you about some applications that will do the work for you. They will manage and recover the passwords saved on your Mac without asking for any maintenance.

1 Password for Mac

1 Password for Mac is a simple and elegant password manager that everyone needs. It can comfortably organize the security information. You can save and fill passwords, and they will be available for you whenever you need them. Follow these steps in order to setup 1Password on your Mac PC:

Step-1:Download and install the 1Password application. I would definitely prefer RememBear & Disk Drill

Step-2:Launch 1Password. Grant the permissions it needs and follow the instructions present on your screen to set it up.

Step-3: Once set up successfully, it will automatically save all the passwords and usernames you use in your PC. You can access them anytime just by using 1Password.


RememBear is one amazing and beautifully designed password manager available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. Using RememBear on Mac will help you to manage all your passwords in a simple manner. The most beautiful feature of RememBear is that when you generate a new password, an animation plays out which turns from a shivering sheep towards a roaring bear as the password is strengthened. Coupled with this, there many other features too. This application is a must try. Follow these steps in order to use RememBear:

Step-1:Download and install RememBear

Step-2:Launch the application and follow the instructions present on your screen. The interface is actually very simple.

Disk Drill

If you are one among the people who save their wifi and other passwords in a text document but accidentally it got deleted, this is the perfect solution for you. Disk Drill is a great data recovery software for Mac. It lets you restore the things that you deleted knowingly or unknowingly. Follow these steps in order to use Disk Drill.

Step-1:Download and install Disk Drill from here.

Step-2:Open Disk Drill and select the storage where the document with passwords was saved.

Step-3: Click on the Recover button and let the software scan the content.

Step-4: Then locate the document from the list of recoverable files and recover it.

How To Find Wifi Password On Mac Terminal


Another way to gain access to the saved wifi passwords on Mac is to use Terminal. Follow these steps in order to learn how to find wifi password on Mac using Terminal:

Step-1: Go to the Terminal window and then type the following command:
security find-generic-password -ga “WIFI_NAME” grep “password:”
Don’t press Enter now, you have to do it later.

Step-2: Replace WIFI_NAME with the exact name of the Wifi network of which you want to find the password. Now press Enter.

Step-3: You will be prompted to enter your administrator’s username and password. Do it and press Enter.

Step-4:View the password that has appeared on the screen and note it down for future uses.


One of the simplest ways to Find WiFi Password on Mac OS without terminal is by using KeyChain Access.

KeyChain is Apple’s password management system in Mac OS X. KeyChain Access stores passwords of the Wi-Fi networks along with the other passwords used on your Mac OS X including your mail, vault, emails, calendars, etc.

You can simply use KeyChain Access to retrieve any lost password within few clicks. Follow these steps in order to find Wifi password on your Mac:

Step-1: Firstly open Spotlight searches and type KeyChain Access in it. Keychain Access window will open then.

Step-2: Now see through the left side panel on the screen and click on Passwords under Category menu.

Step-3:Locate the network for which you want to view the password from the list and double-click on it. You can also seek help from the search bar.

Step-4: In the newly popped window, click on the Show Password checkbox.

Step-5: Then you will be prompted to enter your System or Administrator’s username and password. Type the required username and password and then click on Allow.

Step-6: Another new window will appear then and you can view the password for the certain network in it.

If you are unaware of what username and password you should use, go to Finder and then click on the Home icon from the sidebar. The Home folder name and username will always be same.
Done. You have successfully retrieved the saved wifi password on your Mac. You can either note it down somewhere or just capture the screen if you are lazy like me.


Today I have shared my experiences related to the topic that how to find wifi password on mac. You never always need to remember the wifi password as once it is inserted, it is automatically saved to the flash memory of your mac.

But you may need it when device restored, someone mistakenly deleted it. Password reset by the network provider and multiple other reasons. I have shared these methods with you that will help you in finding the wifi password on mac.

These 3 very easy and simple methods are

How To Find Out Password For Wifi On Mac

  • Terminal Method
  • 3rd party Method
  • KeyChain Access Method.

For your ease and convenience. I have explained every single step in detail. Please read the complete article for step by step guide by Steve Sadiq.

Hope you like this article. If you have any question and doubts in your minds you can send me in comment. You can also connect with me on social media. Do share this article with friends if it is worth sharing.

See you guy with another informative mac solution article.

Bye for Now from Steve Sadiq.

Peace 🙂

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