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In Word 2008 for Mac, you’re not limited to making word replacements when you use Find and Replace. You can make formatting changes as well, saving you time. For example, if you want to search for a certain word and make it appear in bold and italic text, you can easily do one search to. Find text in PDFs in Preview on Mac. You can open a PDF or other document in Preview, then search for a word or any set of characters. If you can’t see the search field at the top right of the document window, drag the window’s edge (top, bottom, or sides) to enlarge the window. May 20, 2019  In Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac or Office for Mac 2011, you receive a 'No Results' message when you try to search for an email message or apply a filter to a folder, and task items are not displayed in the Tasks folder. Additionally, when you search for mail items by using the Mac OS native Spotlight Search, your search is unsuccessful.

Input the key word you want to search in the field and the word will be highlighted in yellow as following. How to Search A PDF on Mac with Adobe Reader? Assuming you are working with PDF on a regular basis, you must have a PDF editor, and much likely to be Adobe. For sure, you can use Adobe products to. How to search for a word on Mac using the keyboard shortcut. Your Mac comes with a simple shortcut for finding words on a page, whether that's in a document, in your email, or on a random webpage.

  1. Click in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, or press Command-Space bar.
  2. Enter what you want to find. You can search for something like “apple store” or “emails from emily”.
  3. To open an item from the results list, double-click the item. Or to quickly look through the results, use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.

Search by file type or location

  • To search by file type, use the word “kind” and the file type. For example, type “kind:folders” or “kind:audio”.
  • To show the location of a file on your Mac, choose the file from the results list, then press and hold Command. The file’s location appears at the bottom of the preview. To open the file’s location, press Command-R.
  • To see all the results from your Mac in the Finder, scroll to the bottom of the results list, then double-click “Show all in Finder.”
How To Search For A Word On Mac

Get definitions, calculations, and conversions

Spotlight can show you dictionary definitions, calculations, measurement conversions, and more. Find out more ways to search with Spotlight.

Here are examples of what you can do:

How To Search For A Word On Mac Word

  • To get a definition, enter a word or phrase, then click the result in the Definition section.
  • To get a calculation, enter something like “2+2” in the search field.
  • To convert measurements, enter something like 25 lbs or “32 ft to meters”.

Find movie showtimes, weather, and nearby places

You can use Spotlight to search for movie showtimes, weather, and places near you.

Here are examples of what you can do:

How To Search A Word On Mac Shortcut

  • To get showtimes, enter the name of the movie that you want to see. To see what's playing near you, enter “showtimes.”
  • To get local weather information, enter “weather.”
  • To find restaurants near you, enter something like “places to eat,” then click a result in the Maps section.

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How To Search A Document For A Word On Mac

  • Rebuild the Spotlight index on your Mac.
  • Use Search on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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