The simulator is a computer program or software that models some aspect of a real life situation. The user can manipulate this tool to observe the result of different actions. iOS Simulators for Windows PC provides a way to test and debug iOS apps on the simulator from the visual studio on windows.

  1. Download Ios Simulator For Mac

This is a tool used by the developers for testing their iPhone web applications. The iOS simulators provide a variety of copy and paste operations both within the simulator and between the simulator and MAC. Itenables users to run iOS apps on their Windows PC for free and they can also play games or watch YouTube.

IOS emulator for PC/Windows, Mac & Android is not an actual emulator. The article will show the truth behind iOS emulators & choose the best iOS emulators. Setup iOS 8 Simulator on OS X. (which is free on the Mac App store). Xcode is a fairly large package and, depending on your internet connection speed, could take.


In a nutshell

  1. Jun 19, 2007  iPhone Simulator allows you to view any website as it would look zoomed in on an iPhone, either in portrait or landscape view. Enter to Search. IPhone Simulator for Mac.
  2. IOS emulator is a popular term because millions of people are looking for solutions to run iOS apps on Windows and Mac. Android open-source policies made plenty of things possible for PC users. A few lines of Google search can produce several results on the iOS emulators.
  3. Jan 13, 2013  Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0 Jan 13, 2013 7:32 AM in response to Amen Lui In response to Amen Lui You will possibly want to look into the iOS software development kit (part of XCode) but that is really for developing your own apps, not playing other developers apps on a Mac.
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Download Best iOS Simulator for Windows Free

Itallows the user to sample using an iOS device without having to purchase of actual Apple device. This software is perfect for the people who want to take the experience of Apple feel and function. Because the iOS simulators give user full control of functions that one would find in an iPhone.


You can also use default apps with complementing setting and customization options that come as a package with iPhone. One can download and install the ios simulator for windows online from the internet. As the installation process completed, the user can enjoy their iPhone with free desktop simulator software.

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Download Ios Simulator For Mac

Emulator Vs. Simulator

This is the software that emulates the mobile device hardware and operating system and allows testing and debugging of the applications under development.This is an application that simulates the behavior of the device but does not emulate the hardware and also not works over the real operating system.
An emulator shows the weakness, power and files systems etc and can be used to execute, mount and rewrite permission of the whole system.The function of the simulator is same as that of remote tool that is to manage, view, and upgrade the system performance.
These are hardware tool that is a copy of actual hardware.These are software tools that just check the functionality of apps.
The emulators are used in computing and electronics.The simulators are used to recreate the operation of the system.
These tools replicate the whole system.These tools simulate all the function of any system.
The tool is very useful in a modern digital environment, intellectual property laws, and copyright etc.The tool is useful in a broad range of application and discipline like education, economics, electronics, defense system, and finance etc.
The emulators are more expensive as compare to simulators.The simulators are less expensive.
These tools are slower as compare to the simulators.These tools are quite faster and launch within a second.

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Why do you need an iOS Simulator for Your Windows Computer?

Have you ever like the iOS apps and games and want to try them again but cannot afford iPhone. Then don’t worry, the changes in technology allow to access iOS apps and games on your window phones. The ios simulator for Windows has made this possible.

Below mentioned are some point that shows the need of them

  • To run Apple applications on Windows operating system.
  • These tools are used by developers to test and debug iPhone apps on windows for free.
  • One can enjoy playing their favorite games of apple store using an iPhone simulator in Windows PC free.
  • These tools also allow the users to create their own personal apps.
  • Itr recreates the screen of an actual Apple device like iPhone or iPad to be used on the window PC.
  • This software allows the user to access all the functions and setting of the iOS device with a simulated touch screen movement.
  • The user can get many features of the iPhone while using it.

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Top iOS (iPhone/iPad) Emulators for Windows

Todays, everyone is searching about how to run the iOS apps and games in Windows operating system. If you are also one of them, then here is the answer to your question. There are numerous ones available online that one can find easily on the internet.

Here, is a list of some iOS simulators from which the user can choose the best according to their requirements. They offer convenient features.

1. iPad Simulator

The iPad simulator is a Google Chrome extension that works as a cloud operating system in the Chrome browser. This ios browser simulator for Windows provides an iPad interface for the users on their personal computer. iPad Simulator allows the user to use the iMessage app that means the can send messages to friends using an iPad.

You can create your own apps within seconds while using this. One can also easily run and link to the web services.

The features it offer,

  • The user can access everything on the cloud.
  • This allows you to launch and connect simulator with the web services just in a single click.
  • One can get Siri without having an iPad.
  • Offers HD animated background for more fun.
  • Provides simple user interface.
  • Users are able to do multitask in iPad simulator.
  • Offers “search and browse page” for the easy app search.
  • Allows users to create unlimited pages of apps.
  • One can also drag and drop their apps.
  • Individuals are allowed to organize their cloud desktop with preferred iPad apps.

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The iPad simulator for PC is easy to run and use, you just need to download and install this tool. Given below are the steps to install.

  1. The first step is to download the iPad simulator.
  2. After downloading, click on the Install button to start the installation process.
  3. Once the installation is done, click on Run. Here, you can get a list of previously installed simulators.
  4. Now click on the iPad to launch the web application to the iPad simulator.
  5. As the simulator opened one can pin it to the taskbar for easy access.

2. iPhone Simulator

The iPhone simulator allows the user to access the iPhone apps and games on their Windows operating system. This tool is one of the best iPhone simulator for Windows developer. The iPhone simulator allows the developers to develop their own app.

The following are the best features of this.

  • These are compatible with all the versions of Windows Vista and later.
  • The simulator provides full support to all the versions of iOS, iPhone, and iPad.
  • They offer good user interface.
  • The graphics are of high quality.

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This is the best choice for the developers because of its high-quality graphics. The user needs to download and install this simulator to enjoy its features. The installation process for this iOS simulator is similar to the iPad.


Many of people have an issue in purchasing the iPhone because of its high price. But now they can put their hands on iOS apps without having the iPhone because these are the best alternative for your requirements. There are lots of iOS Simulators for windows available in the market and one can also download them online from various websites.

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