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'What is the easiest free video editing software? Which is the best free video editing software? What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos? Which video editing software is best for beginners?' Have you ever wondered of these questions in your mind, and do you get any ideal answer about them?

Don't worry, you can end your searching journey here.

It is known to all that there are a great number of free video editing software for Windows PC, Mac or other operating systems through the Internet, but generally speaking, most of video editing software don't deliver the same quality that you would probably expect.

So recently, I have picked up dozens of video editing software on the market, and tested them one by one. Finally, a full list of the best free video edtiing software for PC/Mac is developed, and today, I'd like to share them with all of you as follows:

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners & Semi-Professionals

Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor for Mac is the best video editing software for Windows or Mac due to its integrated editing tools. It features ranging from basic video controls, basic editing options to advanced editing options. Moreover, It also provide users with 200+ special effects for customizing your video files as you like.

Besides video clips, this Video Editor program also allows users to edit images and audios as well as videos. Now, you can take a free trial of this powerful program, and enjoy its powerful editing ability by yourself.

Why Choose Filmora as the Best Video Editing Software for Windows

  • Filmora Video is built with video controls that allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, volume and also trim, split and rotate videos.
  • The audio controls let you trim audios, fade in, fade out, detach audio, adjust pitch and equalizer.
  • If you want to enhance your videos then it is built with various overlays, elements, filters, motions and elements.
  • With this editing video editing tool, you will get advanced editing options like video stabilizer, 3D Lut, Play reverse, Audio mixer, Advanced Text editing, tilt-shift, background blurs among others.
  • Fimora Video Editor is built with a recorder that can record your voice, PC screen activities and also a webcam.

How to Edit Videos on Windows PC using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Upload Videos

After installing Filmora Video Editor on your Windows PC, open it and upload the video that you want to edit. On the home window click 'Import' and you will get options to; import files, import folder, import from camera or phone. Click on 'Import Files' to import a video from your computer's local storage.

Step 2. Edit Video

The uploaded video will appear at the top of the window. Now, drag the video to the timeline at the bottom of the window to start editing.

To trim your video, place the cursor at the beginning and the end of the video and then trim.

To cut the video, position the cursor to the section you want to cut and click on the scissor-like button.

To add elements, overlays or filters go to the desired effect and drag it to the video timeline and it will be added to the video. You can then modify on how it will appear.

Step 3. Export Edited Video

Once you are satisfied with the editing, click on 'Export' button and then select 'Output' option to save it on your computer. Select an output format, rename the file and finally save it by clicking on 'Export' born.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS

#1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is free video editing software for Windows with the help of which you can convert the MP4 to WMV. It has unlimited storage and space facility which is a great advantage for the people. This website provides a good resource for encoding your media files from MP4 to WMV format and enjoy. You will be able to choose the conversion quality and also some of the advanced options like FPS, resolution and Video Bitrate etc.


  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to easily import videos and pictures and make your videos perfect.
  • Enables you to share your movies on YouTube and other video sharing websites.


  • It is not user-friendly for Windows 10, 7 and XP as it is only designed for Vista only.
  • Very limited as far as functionality is concerned.

Supported platform: It is designed for Windows Vista only.

#2. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free video editing software for Windows PC designed for frame capture of video files only that can accomplish just any task for cleaning and trimming videos. The software is capable of changing the original audio of the video, cutting and splitting videos and extending the number of formats to work with. It is mostly best at processing AVI files but it does not have the advanced editing capabilities like most software. The software comes with capture features for VFD drivers for the AVI2 files created when capturing videos with your TV tuner or any other external device.


  • For a 1.4MB software its features are just incredible.
  • It has user friendly interface.
  • It is very reliable when it comes to the most essential editing.
  • It is extremely clear and simple to use.


  • It does not support a lot of video formats like MPEG2 and QuickTime.
  • Not compatible with Windows 10 at present.

Supported platform: Supports Windows XP/Vista/7

#3. Ezvid

Ezvid Free Video Editing Software is thought to be the world's best free video editor software for Windows because it is the only free software for Windows that can capture computer screen with just one click of a button. It is the all-in-one video editing software hence you can do a lot with it. What more, it is much easier to use compared to the rest of the free editing programs. It features a unique speech synthesis feature known as the 'text-to-speech' system that allows you to convert normal text into a computer language.


  • You can upload your videos directly to YouTube.
  • The software is completely free of any cost.
  • It can make a video or a slideshow in less than three minutes.
  • To be able to download and use the software no registration is needed.
  • To install the software you don't require any codec packs.


  • It does not give you options to save or export your videos to your Vimeo, computer or Facebook but only on YouTube.
  • It takes quite some time to record like 45 minutes maximum.

Supported platform: It supports all Windows platforms including Windows 8, Windows 7, XP SP3 and Vista.

#4. iMovie

This is an video editing tool that Apple designed to be used with iOS devices as well as Mac. Every version comes with unique modifications to make the experience wonderful and memorable.


  • The program has an intuitive interface;
  • It supports very many file formats for video and has an array of editing functionalities.


  • Many people are unable to purchase due to the high price.

Supported platform: All versions of Mac OS (macOS 10.14 included)

#5. Blender

Everything you do with this free video editing software program will be for free. Whether it's editing, sharing or selling your videos online you will not be charged anything for that. This video editing free software allows the user to enjoy total experience with edited videos without limitations. You can enjoy a wide range of animation essentials with Blender that includes UV unwrapping, shading, interface, rigging and modeling.


  • It's very versatile and lightweight.
  • Perfect for designers, graphic artists and 3D enthusiasts.
  • It comes with so many savvy features.
  • Offers quality professional 3D at no cost.


  • Like Avidemux, newbie's might find it a bit complicated to understand how to use blender but with time this becomes a past tense.

Supported platform: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Best Video Editing Software for Professionals

Mac For Windows 8

#1. Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a truly professional video editing software that you should not ignore. The standout thing with the program is its unique tracking and masking feature that allows for blurring of unwanted sections of videos like logos. It will be a good way of concealing anything from a scene without cutting.


  • It comes with built-in training to help one sharpen his or her editing skills with a wide selection of tutorials.
  • On-the-go video editing is another advantage to enjoy with the program because it offers flexibility since it's possible to use mobile devices.


  • Occasional crashing down is the notable disadvantage that you will endure with this software program.
  • The price is high for some people to afford.

Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X

Price: $19.99/month

#2. Sony Vegas Pro

This is one of the best video editing programs designed to allow you total control of your editing. It has very creative features that include audio metering, archival tools and companion app to make editing easy. With the powerful effects and innovative tools for editing, that makes it well suited for your use.


  • It has very fast workflows that make it possible to manage the editing even when on the move.
  • Its simple interface further makes it easy to edit video.

Mac For Windows Xp


  • The workflows and interface of the program might be good but they lack proper refining.
  • That is the point where other competing programs in the market have an edge over Sony Vegas Pro.

Operating system: All Windows system

Price: $599.95

#3. Final Cut Pro

There is a lot you can do with Final Cut Pro to help unleash its full potential. The editing speeds are very high and basic tools for editing available will give you more options. You must maximize on the opportunities to get the best from your editing.


  • One thing you will enjoy with FCP is powerful editing tools that include magnetic timeline.
  • You will have the best opportunity for coming up with a professional video.
  • The intuitive interface further makes it easy to work on your videos.
  • It's good for both experienced and beginning editors.


  • It is not available for all versions of the Apple operating system which will offer big limitations.
  • The high price means very few people will be able to enjoy its editing services.

Operating system: Mac

Price: $299.99

#4. Avid Media Composer

This is one of the top video editing software programs in the market that is highly trusted by video editors. It is good for creative professionals who are looking for something new in video editing since it offers the open platform for accomplishing that. Use Avid Media Composer to come up with end-to-end workflows thanks to meticulous editing.


  • It has one of the best media management in the market and this is a program that will surely stand the test of time.
  • You can rely on it for some professional editing works.


  • If you are a beginner, don't go for Avid because it is very difficult to use and even learn the basics.
  • You will also experience some hiccups when it comes to effects editing meaning it will be impossible to customize your video.

Operating system:Windows and Mac OS X

Price: $1299

Final Thought

There are 10 different video editing software for Windows and Mac users, which one is the winner in your mind?

Obviously, if you're professional user, which have a high requirement of the video editing software, then tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc. are definitely the best option. But these tools always requires lots of technical skills of video editing. So, if you're only a beginner or semi-professional, Filmora Video Editor can satisfy all your needs.

This program can do almost all things you want to edit on a video, and it provide users with free trial version, so that you can experience its powerful functions by yourself.

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So WiFi cameras made huge impact in this field to control these devices we need to a application that is called yoosee camera app. There are lot of other camera monitoring apps are available in the market but yoosee is one of the best app let see how to install Yoosee on PC and its features below.

yoosee app for pc

About Yoosee app for PC:

Yoosee app is a tool to control your fixed WiFi camera in your home are any work places. This yoosee app for pc is free of cost and this is a new generation surveillance tool. The size of Yoosee app 37 MB in the latest update. This app is now available freely for android users in play-store. You can get more details about the app on

Key Features of Yoosee camera app for PC- Windows and Mac:

  • Installing Yoosee camera app on pc windows and mac is really a simple task but before download and use the app try to know about its features.
  • Yoosee app for pc supports night mode so you can monitor the dark places using this app.
  • It provides an option to set a alarm if it receives any moving and sound signals.
  • It supports many languages.
  • In the latest release they have optimized the networking process.
  • This app made the monitoring process more easy from anywhere in the world.

These are all the best features of yoosee app. Lets get in to the topic read the complete post to get the app on pc.

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Purchase Windows For Mac

How to download and intall Yoosee camera app on PC/ Laptop:

To run an android app on computer/PC we need a software called android emulator android emulators are the software’s which will help us to run android apk files on PC/Laptop so to download and run yoosee app for PC we need this android emulator. Here in this post for an example I am taking bluestacks emulator you can use any emulator you want. Lets see how to download and install Yoosee camera for pc using bluestacks emulator.

Steps to install yoosee on PC/Laptop:

  • First download bluestacks android emulator from bluestacks official web page you can also use the link given here. [mac user need to download mac version of bluestacks software.]
  • After download the bluestacks.exe file try to install it on PC/laptop.
  • [Note: System should have the below requirements to run bluestacks. Try to check your computer configuration before install bluestacks – Computer should have at-least 2 GB RAM and High quality graphics card support.]
  • The Installing process take some time it depends on the system performance and speed.
  • Now open bluestacks software and signup with the gmail id.
  • To install yoosee app for pc first download yoosee apk the open the apk file through bluestacks emulator. You can also install it in bluestacks.
  • From home page of bluestacks open google play store application to search yoosee app pc.
  • In search bar type Yoosee and from the shown result install Yoosee app.

Run Mac Os On Windows 10

Now Yoosee app is installed on PC/Laptop Now monitor your home and working places by using this wonderful application from any where if you have any doubts related to these application please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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