Nintendo DS Emulator for PC. It is a free emulator for Android devices which let users play Nintendo games. This emulator enhances the gaming experience with 3D graphics. Other than Android devices, now you can also install Nintendo DS Emulator on Windows and Mac OS. May 24, 2019  Support multiple platforms liked ( Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) DeSmuME: DeSmuME is maybe the best Nintendo ds emulator for Windows. It can play Nintendo NDS games calm, with microphone and sound copying. Among every one of the emulators, we tried our hand at Demure had the best sound reproduction for ROMs & games. It will play most of the. Citra is one of the best Nintendo 3ds emulator for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is the most popular and easy to use emulator. It is the most popular and easy to use emulator. This emulator is is very stable and free from bugs.It is an open source Program.

Best nintendo ds emulators for mac

Nintendo 3DS is one of the best ever gaming consoles developed by Nintendo. It has features which enable to play even Nintendo 2DS, and XL games on it. Now, Mac’s aren’t known for their gaming capabilities. But, what if we told you, that you can play Nintendo 3DS games on your Mac. Combined, the Nintendo 3D graphics, and Mac’s retina display make it for a great gameplay. So, here’s a simple tutorial to download 3DS emulator for Mac , which will let you play Nintendo 3DS games / ROMs .

Tutorial to Download & Install 3DS Emulator for Mac OS X –

Downloading Citra 3DS Emulator for Mac –

  • Citra is perhaps the only currently working Nintendo 3DS emulator for Mac OS X. It lets, you play any Homebrew ROMs or 3DS decrypted ROMs and games on your Mac system.
    Click here to Download Citra emu 3DS emulator for Mac OS X.
  • Now, you will need ROMs or games to play on this emulator. You can either transfer the games from your Nintendo 3DS XL , or a simple google search for “3ds decrypted ROMs” will give you lots of games for your Citra emulator.

Installing Citra 3DS Emulator –

  • Installing, Citra emulator for Mac OS X is fairly simple. Once you have downloaded, the dmg file from the link above. Simply double-click to open it. It will now show a folder image as shown in the screenshot below –

    Ctrl+ click on the Citra icon

    Here , simplycontrol+mouse click” on the icon, and select the “open” option, from the drop-down menu.

  • Now, it will start the Citra installation window as shown below –

    Here simply click on the “Continue” button, to proceed to the next step.

  • On the next screen, you will be asked on to which build of Citra you intend to install – Citra Canary or Citra Nightly. Citra canary is the latest build, but is generally untested and buggy. whereas, Citra nightly has comparatively lesser bugs and more stable. Thus select the “CItra Nightly” build as shown below –

    Select the Citra Nightly option and click on Continue

    Now, Citra will start installing & downloading the latest files required for the emulator to run. Please wait until the process is completed.

    CItra Files Installation

    Congrats! Citra is now installed on your system.

Nintendo Ds Emulators For Mac 2

Launching Citra 3DS Emulator –

  • Simply open launchpad on your mac by pressing the “f4″ key , and opening Citra from the icon or searching in it. You can also launch citra emulator by typing in spotlight search (Command key + space ) key.

Opening a 3DS game in Mac OS X Citra –

  • Once, Citra is opened. you will see a window as shown in the image below –

    Here , simply drag and drop the ROM file to open the game, or you can use the following menu bar method to load your favorite .3ds , .3dsx rom files –

    Select the ROM File to Load in Citra

    That’s it! . Now the game will load inside the 3DS emulator on your Mac as shown –

    Enjoy your split screen, full screen 3d gameplay on your Mac device. Incase, of any issues feel free to let us know in the comments section below .

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