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NOOK For PC [ Windows 7, 8, 10/ Mac ] Download Free


Enjoy millions of publications plus access that is full your complete collection that is Nook another unit with a NOOK For PC application that is reading. Include documents show and another until you learn. This system’s installer files are understood as BarnesNobleNookReader.exe, bndr2_setup_latest.exe, BNDReader.exe, NewList.exe, Pc2.exe or pc3.exe, etc.

The NOOK Reading App automatically syncs your last page. Add it to all your devices and pick up where you left off anytime you like. Discover Something New Create a shortcut to Shop NOOK on your smart phone or tablet for easy access to popular lists and handpicked.

  1. Barnes & Noble NOOK for iPhone.Barnes & Noble, the world's largest bookstore and creator of the award winning NOOK eBook reader, brings you NOOK for iPhone. Download our FREE Barnes & Noble NOOK for iPhone app and put more than a million titles at your fingertips. FREE samples of every eBook are just a touch away.
  2. To find your NOOK Tablet’s MAC address, go to Settings, tap Device Info, and tap About Your NOOK. There is your MAC address. If all else fails, call Customer Service at 1-800-843-2665. I see a wireless network but can’t get a good connection.


With NOOK, you can read virtually everything you used to carry on reading a paper, not to mention, teenaged vampire romances. There’s plenty of nonfiction for the more days. Naturally, you can now download from the BN bookstore like hermetic monks scribbling away to save the term that is printed; we’ve been clicking away at the keyboard to digitize more than a million titles, which. NOOK Download is a credit card application allowing anyone to read publications that can be newspapers which can be scanned mags that you’d usually read in printed format.

  • The application provides access that is quick electronic versions of books which were mainly scanned to be exposed to the system. You can get them from BN bookstore.
  • Additionally, you might be offered usage of other games which can be free on the Internet.
  • Another benefit of applying this device could be the fact you have got at hand that one can read your books which can be various favorite products such as different computer systems, your laptop or your phone, by your location and on the instrument.
  • All you need to accomplish is create an account on Barnes & Noble website, which you shall have the ability to access immediately.
  • Additionally, you’ll turn Nook for PC into an assortment that is free is electronic that may provide users of the games you love when and anywhere.
  • The Settings panel can help you customize your reading tool by helping you to adjust the font size therefore that one may quickly start to see the text.
  • Generally speaking, Nook for PC is an instrument that is anybody that is advantageous passion is reading, enabling the creation of a sizable digitized library which is usually accessed anytime.

Key Features:

  • Choose from over 2.5 million games – everything from new releases to bestsellers
  • Immediately sync your online page that is last, and records with other products
  • Add records, shows, and bookmarks as you read
  • Use the Shelves feature to organize your library and effortlessly find your books that our favorite

What’s New?

Nook For Mac Download

  • User reviews and ratings
  • Syncs records and bookmarks
  • Works well with comic publications
  • Tons of customizations choices
  • Excellent collection of content with samples
  • Capability to buy content from within the app

NOOK For PC Download:

This software that is free created by Barnesandnoble.com LLC. NOOK for PC was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 32-bit systems. The dimensions of the latest installer that is downloadable 16.7 MB. Our antivirus that is built-in checked download and rated it as virus free. The system’s driver files are usually called BarnesNobleNookReader.exe, bndr2_setup_latest.exe, BNDReader.exe, NewList.exe, Pc3.exe or pc2.exe, etc.

  • With NOOK for PC, you can read virtually everything you used to read on paper—your favorite whodunits, psycho killer thrillers, tea-and-crumpets classics, and of course, teenaged vampire romances.
  • There’s plenty of nonfiction for your more days that are serious for foodies, gossip for groupies, and travel guides for people with feet-itches.
  • It is possible even to read electronic versions of your newspapers that our favorite magazines.
  • Just now you can download from the BN bookstore like hermetic monks scribbling away to save lots of the printed word; we’ve been clicking away at the keyboard to digitize more than a million titles, which.


  • You’ve likely noticed that textbooks are a definite strain on both your wallet and your back if you’re a university student.
  • Barnes & Noble has a special edition of Nook for PC called NOOKstudy that’s a way that is great get the textbooks cheaper and more accessible on your netbook or laptop.
  • Many modern books are currently available you can often either purchase your textbooks or rent them to save money about it genuinely, and.

How to Install?

  • First, download NOOK study from the link below, and install it on your desktop as usual. You’ll just install NOOKstudy in addition to it and use the one you want based on precisely what you’re reading if you’re already utilizing Nook for PC.
  • Nook’s eBook apps bring Barnes and Noble’s eBook inventory to a range that is wide of.
  • Also, you can nevertheless make the most regarding the books, textbooks, newspapers, and more if you don’t own a Nook unit.
  • We were impressed with the range that is wide of included in the Nook eBook apps and especially liked the ability to import PDF and ePub format into Nook for PC.
  • The reader apps added features that are some other eBook readers don’t, such as searching the contents associated with the eBook and copying text. Give it a try, and let us know that which you think.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 8/8.1/7/XP/10
  • 32 Bits/64 Bits
  • Pentium processor at 90 MHz or higher
  • 16 MB RAM must be required



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