Yesterday, we reported the new Office Mix tool from Microsoft. Today, Microsoft announced that they have extended that preview to the public. Office Mix offers a simple way to turn your PowerPoint slides into interactive online lessons and presentations. Office Mix tool was developed as part of the Startup Business Group inside Microsoft that has released some pretty amazing technologies. 3D Printing for Windows, Power Map (aka Project GeoFlow) and one of my favorite Windows 8.1 apps, Fresh Paint, are just a few examples.

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May 06, 2014  Office Mix also lets you record anything on your PC screen with the screen recording feature. For example, say you want to record a video of a graphing calculator app. Just click “screen recording,” and record the work you want to show in the app. Aug 26, 2016  Microsoft Office 2016 for the Mac is the kind of upgrade I hope for but rarely get. It took five years from Office 2011's release to get this latest Mac office suite, but it was well worth the wait. Majority of content creators use macs these days. Do you know when Office Mix will be available for this community of users, not using - 18513. Buy the latest and genuine Microsoft Office 2016 download with product key and DVD version on Helps you communicate and share with family, friends, and colleagues, access your files whenever you need them, using any computer with a web browser. Installation and activation is guaranteed from us, affordable price and excellent after sale service. Mar 17, 2015  Office Mix let you add voice, video, and digital ink to your PowerPoints. You can engage your audience with polls and interactive apps. Gain insights using the powerful analytics, And it.

Office Mix promises to make life much easier for teachers, or anyone else who spends much time developing and delivering PowerPoint presentations. Office Mix brings features like the ability to record inking, audio and video directly into PowerPoint so you can turn a slide deck into an interactive lesson and share it online with the press of a button.

Office Mix For Mac

Office Mix adds functionality to PowerPoint 2013 that allows you to record audio or video of yourself presenting, write on your slides as you speak to them, insert quizzes, polls, online videos, and more. In fact, you can even do full screen capture and record anything on your PC. Once your presentation is ready, just click “Upload,” and we will work our magic to transform your presentation into a mix. You choose when and with whom to share it.

Read about it in detail here. You can watch the tutorial on how it works at

UPDATE 2: I’ ve had a few queries about this blog post from non-US customers and so I wanted to clarify the followingwhich was included in the original Device Based Activation instructions:

Q: Where is Device Based Activation available?

A: Device Based Activation is currently available only to Microsoft US Education customersthat license all of their faculty/stafffor Office.

To that point – Device Based Activation is not officially supported outside the US at this time. Whilst I know of a number of schools that have successfully implemented it, please note that this will not be officially supported if you have any issues.

UPDATE: a reader of this blog pointed outthe following step by step guide to using Device Based Activation that I would encourage you to read as well in conjunction with the Microsoft guide below. The above link also contains additional details for SCCM and GPO if that is relevant for your environment too.

I wrote a recent blog post with the best practice guide to how to deploy Office365 ProPlus in various scenarios. Some of the feedback on that post was how would this work in a shared device environment such as a school computer lap or shared laptops in a COW (Computers on Wheels).

Office Mix Para Mac

The guide does have a link specifically referencing shared environments, however a number of schools did raise the downside that a student would still need to activate the Office365 ProPlus installation from time to time when they say this prompt on the right.

After asking around internally I have now been shared an alternative method of installation for Office365 ProPlus licensing that was build specifically with schools in mind and you can read the entire guide, along with step by step video tutorials by clicking the following link:

What I see from this resource is there are a few main benefits for schools taking this approach:

  • The student never sees the Office activation prompt because the device has activated Office365 ProPlus and not the individual user
  • There is an included tool to automatically un-install the MSI Office2016 version that may have been installed with Volume Licensing
  • This Device Based Activation method can be automated using MS SCCM or Group Policy.

An Office Mix video showing the requirements and advantages of Device Based Activation

The different components in the Device Based Activation process


From an education perspective, this will help keep school/staff devices running the same version of Office365 as the students who typically download their own copy from a network share or the Office Portal. Given that updates and new features come to the subscription based ProPlus version much faster it is worth having a consistent user experience across all devices / users in your school.

Office Mix For Mac

This is a useful link outlining the differences between Office365 and Office 2016 and I’ve highlighted the key differences here in terms of updates/functionality:

Is There Office Mix For Mac

The other major benefit of Office365 ProPlus is that it can be installed on up to five other devices.

Office Mix Alternative For Mac

It’s time to recognise that there is a wide range of options when it comes to deploying Office365 in education. To maximize the value of the subscription based approach, along with the regular updates and new features, using something like Device Based Activation, or one of the other methods from the best practice guide, will ensure that you’re always using the latest and greatest of Office.

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