OmniDiskSweeper is an app that shows you the files on your drive, in descending order by size, and lets you decide what to do with them. You may want to check out more software for Mac, such as StuffIt Archive Manager, Path Finder or DaisyDisk, which might be related to OmniDiskSweeper. OmniDiskSweeper is a program designed for Mac users who wish to monitor and delete files within their internal as well as external drives. Not an alternative? Report a problem.

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In general, you need to have 15% free space on your hard disk for it to work smoothly. But all computers get clogged with user files and trashes left behind by different operating applications.
Mac is no different. To speed up, optimize and clean your Mac you can use some of the best cleaning apps for mac. These cleaning apps for mac repair disk and disk permissions, erase free space all the while creating more room for efficient functioning.

Omnidisksweeper For Mac

1. OmniDiskSweeper for Mac

OmniDiskSweeper for mac is a free utility application that can both find and delete large files. It thus provides a fast and highly efficient way to recover and restore the lost disk space.

This cleaning app for mac provides you the list of disks attached to your Mac. You can select a particular disk and OmniDiskSweeper will show you all the files and folders present in it and arrange them according to the size.

OmniDiskSweeper can reorder folders. It can automatically recalculate file sizes as you delete old and space-hogging stuff. It will quickly display files that are occupying large gobs of space on your hard drive. But beware; there is no undo button in case you delete important files.

2. AppCleaner for Mac: Best cleaning app for mac

Most Mac users believe that uninstalling just includes trashing the applications/software. But it requires way more procedures before it is truly and completely gone from your Mac. AppCleaner is an uninstaller that will make sure to remove all your unwanted files that are being left behind during the uninstall procedure.

AppCleaner is an uninstaller that will make sure to remove all your unwanted files that are being left behind during the uninstall procedure.

On its user interface, installed apps are segregated into applications, widgets and others. The search feature inbuilt into the application allows an easy finding of the apps and the ‘SmartDelete’ will instantly detect and trash all the items related to a particular app. It also allows you to remove plugins and components.

3. CCleaner for Mac: Another cleaning app for mac


Most widely used maintenance tool in the Windows. Though, reduced in form, it has now been made available for Macintosh. It has very limited features and just cleans up Safari and Firefox. But it does allow you to select which parts of safari you want to clean up i.e. browsing history, cached data, cookies etc.

In terms of hard drive cleaning, it can clear trash, recent files and folders and recent applications. It will show you the amount of space created after cleaning but doesn’t display the progress. All in all, it can be a powerful tool but doesn’t hold much utility for the time being.

4. CleanMyMac

This application can effectively remove all the unnecessary files and increase the speed of your Mac OS X. It performs a system cleanup to find unused language files, registry files, cached data and much more. It is extremely configurable with a user-friendly interface. A must have app for recovering space on your hard drives.

Quite like AppCleaner, it can search and remove large files, delete fragments and trails left behind by uninstalled apps, empty the trash and delete duplicates of images placed in iPhoto.

This cleaning app for mac also shows you unused applications that can be deleted. The best part is the quick efficiency with which the app works. It is one of the best solutions to clean and speed up your Macintosh HD.

5. CleanMyMac Classic

Omniweb Download

It scans for and deletes the following:

  • Outdated cache: The data that web pages and applications generate to load faster but become useless thereafter.
  • Unneeded logs: Files with information about the event history of any particular app. It is essential only for developers.
  • Language files: It allows your OS X to support many languages you don’t know.
  • Universal binaries: These files allow you to work on a multitude of platforms and architectures that are different from yours.
  • App and system data that is outdated corrupt and not used anymore. Includes junk, trash, and app leftovers.

The inbuilt ignore list helps the software to skip potentially troublesome files and protect more important ones from scanning and deletion. The ‘Quick Erase Files module’ can overwrite the desired files in a way that it becomes unrecoverable with any special tool.

Its sophisticated algorithms make it the safest cleaning option. Plus it is compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X.

6. Magician for Mac:

A stable operating system, Magician for mac is simple and has a slick user interface. It maintains and optimizes Mac OS X, removes duplicates and cleans unnecessary files.

It can uninstall applications and provide reports of online apps that are consuming up space on your hard drive. It has recently been updated with the anti-Trojan detectors.

It is however not recommended! The overall application is poorly translated, requests email address and the credibility is somewhat doubtful.

7. AppDelete for Mac: A cleaning app for mac by Reggie Ashworth

AppDelete makes sure to remove all the associated junk files when you uninstall applications. You just need to drag programs, you want to be deleted, onto the app icon. It does the rest for you. Alternatively, it can search for applications installed on your system.

This application allows you to keep a log of all the data you are removing. It also provides an Undo feature, which can roll back the last change you made.

The feature called Orphan detects files that have been left behind by uninstalled apps and that are no longer in use. Moreover, the developers are very responsive. So, no worries about getting stuck anywhere.

8. MacClean

MacClean, a cleaning app for mac is equipped with features of cleanup, optimization, privacy care and security protection. It scans deeply to detect any malicious threats and thereby creating a safer and cleaner work environment on your Mac.

So, it keeps you safe from potential risks. It automatically scans and removes all the junk and unused files and applications, unused image copies, redundant binary junk and useless background extensions.

9. Disk Diag for Mac

Fast, simple and efficient, Disk Diag automatically scans which files are clogging up your Mac and clean them. It displays quick results using ‘Smart Gauge’. With a slick user interface, it is very easy to use.

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