I've gotten into Mac OS in the last year or so, after having used Windows for ages. One thing I'm a bit baffled with is that there's no real 'Microsoft Paint' equivalent. Like, you can do really really basic edits with 'Preview' but it's not great. Something without layer features, that makes it easy to work at the pixel level.
I've seen this suggested:
But it's terrible, like MS Paint circa-1995 - modern MS Paint is actually decently comfortable to use and has basic but incredibly useful functions like a lasso tool, nudging images by 1 pixel with the arrow keys, etc. Also, the spraypaint can tool is legit, guys.
I'm forced to use GIMP for some basic image editing functions and that's its own mess of a usability nightmare.
So what image editors do you use on Mac? I really need some legit testimonials because it seems like most quality ones on Mac are paid and it's hard to make the commitment. It'd be nice to have a basic but quality one without the added complexity of layer features but if you really think a more fully featured editor is legit, sell me.
Microsoft paint for macMac


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Windows Paint Equivalent For Mac

Paint.NET is an incredibly powerful and free image editor that has been compared to the two mentioned above. With support for layers and other powerful features as well as a more refined UI than GIMP at least, Paint.NET is definitely worth looking at for something as simple as cropping or as involved as logo creation.

  1. Krita Open Source for Mac OSX seems to be a free, light-weight, quick and closest alternative for editing images just like Paint.Net for Windows 2. However you will have to acquaint yourself in using magic-wand/contiguous-selection tool and sel.
  2. Like their original Windows counterpart, they tend to be simple and very easy to learn and use. The problem is, there are no bundled apps with your Mac that do what Microsoft Paint does (at least not any more). If you too are looking for a MS Paint equivalent for Mac, then check out some of the options we are presenting to you today!
  3. If one uses a Mac computer and needs an equivalent to Microsoft Paint, one can get a free program called Paintbrush. It is available on several Mac forums.


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What Is The Paint Equivalent For Mac


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Paint Alternative For Mac Free

Equivalents, 2007

I’ve been shooting a lot of cloud photos under heavy inspiration from Alfred Stieglitz’ Equivalents series. Here’s another example.


Paint Equivalent For Mac

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