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Nov 04, 2019  Adobe Releases Major Updates for Creative Cloud Apps on Mac: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and More. Adobe is today launching its long-awaited Photoshop for iPad app.

When you try to start Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements on Mac OS, the application returns the following error:


'Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory. Reinstall the application.'

Solution 1: Start Photoshop from the Applications folder.

If you moved the Photoshop application file from its default location, and you start Photoshop from that location, then do the following:
1. If the error window is still open, then click OK to close it.
2. In the Finder, move the Photoshop application file from its current location to the following location:

  • Photoshop CS4: //Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Photoshop CS5: //Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Photoshop Elements 8: //Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
  • Photoshop Elements 9: //Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

3. Double-click the Photoshop application icon in the Photoshop folder to start Photoshop.
4. (Optional) For more convenient access to Photoshop in the future, control-click the Photoshop icon in the Dock and select Keep In Dock.

Solution 2: Remove the Locales folder and repair the installation of Photoshop.

Best Photoshop Program For Mac

  1. In the Finder, navigate to the Photoshop application folder.
  • If the Locales folder is not listed within the application folder, then skip to Step 5.
  • If the Locales folder is listed within the application folder, then drag the Locales folder to the Trash.
  1. Start the installer for Photoshop or your edition of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • If you purchased boxed software, then insert the installation DVD-ROM into your computer's DVD drive.
  • If you purchased downloadable software from the Adobe Online Store, then double-click the disk image (.dmg) file or files that you downloaded. (If you no longer have the downloaded disk image file or files, then log in to your account at www.adobe.com/membership to download the installer.)
  1. Double-click the file named Setup on your installation DVD-ROM or disk image.
  2. In the installer window, select Adobe Photoshop in the Installed Products list.
  3. (Optional) Deselect Adobe AIR, Adobe Media Player, Adobe Device Central, Adobe Drive, Adobe Extension Manager, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit, and Adobe Fonts All.

After the installation is complete, verify that the installer reported no errors. If the installer reported an error, see the following documents:

  • Troubleshoot installation problems with Adobe Creative Suite 4 or Point Products on Mac OS X (kb403986)
  • Troubleshoot CS5 installation (cpsid_82827)
  • Troubleshoot installation problems Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Photoshop Elements 9 Mac OS (cpsid_85844)

Note: Adobe also recommends that you install all available updates for your product. To download and install updates, start Photoshop, choose Help > Updates, and follow the onscreen instructions. Alternatively, go to http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/ to download and then manually run the update installer.

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