Oct 24, 2016  It can be tough to decide which presentation software is right for your church, so I’ve put together a list of all the best options on the market today. You’ll see what each option costs, what it does best, and what platforms it’s designed to run on.

The presentation software for mac is developing at a frantic pace. New versions of the software should be released several times a quarter and even several times a month.

Update for presentation software for mac.

There are several reasons for this dynamic:
First, new technologies are emerging, as a result, the equipment is being improved and that, in turn, requires software changes.
Secondly, the needs of users are growing, requirements are increasing and the needs are changing for presentation software for mac.
Therefore, it is necessary to monitor changes in the presentation software for mac and to update it in a timely manner.

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Multi-screen functionality. While most other options either don’t support multi-screen functionality or require you to spend extra to get it, MediaShout 6 comes with it built in.

Hardware options. The MediaShout team has collaborated with Dell to build a variety of hardware bundles designed with churches in mind.

Built with PowerPoint in mind. Since a lot of churches “graduate” to church presentation software from PowerPoint, it’s great to have an interface that helps PowerPoint users along. MediaShout does just that: the interface is built to be especially easy to understand if you’re used to PowerPoint.

ProPresenter 6

Platforms: Mac and PC
Pricing model: purchase outright, add modules for additional cost
Cost: $399+

What sets ProPresenter 6 apart?

ProPresenter is one of the most widely-used softwares for church presentations. In addition to being popular, there are a few things that make it unique:

Modules. You can purchase additional hardware modules that give the software additional functionality. For example, you can buy a module that lets you present on multiple screens.

Bibles. It doesn’t include quite as many as MediaShout 6, but with 46 free Bibles, you’re still getting a great number of options.

Mobile apps. ProPresenter 6 has several mobile apps different team members can download. These come in handy for controlling the presentation on Sunday morning.


Platforms: Mac and PC
Pricing model: subscription
Cost: $19.95 monthly at the low end, $79.89 monthly at the high end

What sets Proclaim apart?

One of the most unique factors of Proclaim is that it’s made by Faithlife, the creators of Logos Bible Software. The two products are integrated, so that’s a nice benefit for Logos users. In addition to that …

Cloud-enabled. Proclaim allows teams to collaborate on presentations with their cloud feature.

Mobile apps. Like ProPresenter, Proclaim also features mobile apps that can be used to control presentations like a remote control. It also allows presenters to send updates to congregation members who use other Logos apps on their phones.

Pastoral focus. Proclaim was built to give pastors more control over building their presentations from their sermons.

EasyWorship 6

Platforms: PC only
Pricing model: purchase outright
Cost: $499

What sets EasyWorship 6 apart?

Though EasyWorship is only available for Windows, that’s actually part of what makes it special. It’s specifically made for people who have been using PowerPoint.

So if you’re a PowerPoint user, consider this:

Similar layout. If you know how to use PowerPoint, you’ve got a leg up already in figuring out EasyWorship 6.

Works with PowerPoint files. You can import your previously-created PowerPoint presentations into EasyWorship instead of starting from scratch.

In addition to the PowerPoint integration, EasyWorship also integrates with QuickTime so you can play video content in your presentations.

MediaShout Bridge

Platforms: PC (you also need PowerPoint 2007, 2010, or 2013)
Pricing model: purchase outright
Cost: $99

What sets MediaShout Bridge apart?

MediaShout Bridge is a simpler presentation software option for churches who are using PowerPoint and might not be ready to transition to a new software solution.

Upgrades PowerPoint. This plugin works within an existing installation of PowerPoint, and turns it into a tool specifically for churches.

Includes a Lyric library. Bridge gives PowerPoint users a huge arsenal of public domain songs and hymns to use in their presentations.

Includes Bibles. A lot of Bibles—67 versions, to be precise.

Planning Center Projector

Platforms: iOS devices only
Pricing model: monthly billed add-ons to a Planning Center subscription
Cost: Planning Center costs from $14 monthly to $99 monthly; the worship add-ons cost an additional $4 monthly up to $20 monthly.

What sets Planning Center Projector apart?

Planning Center Projector has pretty limited capability, but it’s quite inexpensive—especially if you’re already using Planning Center.

You’ll need an iPhone or an iPad to build presentations.

If your church is already set up with Planning Center (or is considering using it), you might want to give it a try.

ShareFaith Presenter

Platforms: Only for Windows 10 (must also have Office 365)
Pricing model: part of a subscription to ShareFaith Complete
Cost: $71/month (includes more than presentation software)

What sets ShareFaith Presenter apart?

In some ways, ShareFaith Presenter is similar to MediaShout Bridge. It’s a plugin that works with PowerPoint to connect it with other ShareFaith tools.

It’s quite limited on operating system, so make sure you have Windows 10 and Office 365 before pursuing this option.

Presentation Software For Mac

If your church uses ShareFaith, and you use the newest version PowerPoint, this is a good solution.

Apple Presentation Software

Free church presentation software

Among the top options for church presentation software are two that are entirely free: OpenLP and OpenSong. Learn more about the differences between the two free options below.


Platforms: Linux, PC, and Mac
Pricing model: freeware
Cost: none

What sets OpenLP apart?

Aside from the obvious (that it’s totally free), OpenLP does some cool stuff:

Gives you basic presentation functionality. You can create slides with text formatting, images, and various effects.

Remote control. OpenLP even has a remote control feature, so you can navigate through the presentation from any networked device.

Video. You can display and play video files in your presentations—which is pretty cool for an open source program!

Friendly with PowerPoint. You can import PowerPoint presentations into OpenLP.

If you’re not ready to spend money on a presentation tool designed for churches, you can at least start playing around with OpenLP.


Presentation Software For Mac Free

Platforms: Linux, PC, and Mac
Pricing model: freeware
Cost: none

What sets OpenSong apart

OpenSong and OpenLP share some commonalities, but OpenSong seems to have been created more with musicians in mind rather than pastors and tech teams. It allows for basic presentation functionality, plus a few other cool things:

Best Presentation Software For Mac

Chord chart manipulation. OpenSong lets you play around with chord charts. For example, you can automatically transpose chords to any key—a helpful tool for music teams.

Timed slide loops. Teams can create sets of slides that loop at a predetermined pace.

Since it’s free, there’s no harm in downloading a version to see if it can work for you.

What’s your recommended presentation software?

Has your church found a presentation software your team loves? Let me know in the comments! By the way, if you liked this post, you might also appreciate this directory of free motion backgrounds.

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