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Updated September 19th, 2016: Just like clockwork, it’s a few minutes after midnight Pacific Time and the new 2017 versions of QuickBooks are now available! You can learn more about this year’s changes and download the new version of Pro or Premier at quickbooks.intuit.com/products/.

At this moment now, it appears that both the Mac and Enterprise versions are still shown as 2016 versions. Once these versions change we will let you know.

Keep all of your business finances organized and ready using QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2016. It allows you to perform certain tasks faster, create estimates and produce invoices with just one click. The money management software gives you the ability to log hours of work so you can correctly bill clients for your time without mistakes.

Quickbooks Mac Desktop

Updated September 17th, 2016: We just received official confirmation! All the QuickBooks 2017 Desktop editions will be released this coming Monday, September 19th. But you don’t have to wait until then to know what’s new and improved – Check out the blog post on blog.accountants.intuit.com that goes over all of the new features!

Here’s also a copy of the new box that we also came across for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Updated June 1st, 2016: Summer is finally here and that means that along with the hot and long days we are starting to track the latest QuickBooks 2017 release date news and rumors. While it’s still too early to know what will be new in next release, we are pretty confident that it’ll be released sometime in the third week of September as it is every year for the last 10+ years (some pretty good discounts have already started for the outgoing 2016 version). In the beginning of August we should begin to see news leaked out about the new features and enhancements coming in the Pro, Premier, Mac, Accountant and the industry-specific versions.

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QuickBooks 2017 versions expected to be announced and shipping in the third week of September, 2016.

Here’s a quick look at the past few release dates. The most recent releases occurred in the third week of September.

  • Quickbooks 2016 – Released on September 25th, 2015.
  • Quickbooks 2015 – Released on September 22nd, 2014.
  • Quickbooks 2014 – Released on September 23rd, 2013.
  • QuickBooks 2013 – Released on September 10th, 2012.
  • QuickBooks 2012 – Released on September 26th, 2011.
  • QuickBooks 2011 – Released on September 19th, 2010.
  • QuickBooks 2010 – Released on September 16th, 2009.
  • QuickBooks 2009 – Released on September 17th, 2008.

The only anomaly will likely again be QuickBooks Accountant 2017 which is expected to be released in early September, a few weeks before the Pro, Premier and Mac versions (last year it was on September 8th).

Our most most wanted improvements for 2017

Every year we compile this our most most wanted improvements wish list based on customer feedback and our own experiences with the software (here’s our 2016 and 2015 lists if you want to look back). Here are the issues and suggested changes/improvements that top our list this year:

  • Add support for Office 2016 – If you’ve already upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016 and tried to use QuickBooks 2016 with it, then you’ve likely already been unable to get the software to work properly. That’s because Intuit has not yet made it compatible with it. So for example, Outlook 2016 mail client will not work for any f your business invoices (only Outlook 2013 is listed as compatible).
  • Version compatibility – If you’re working in the 2016 version or Pro or Premier, you’re unable to save files in the 2015, 2014 or older formats (only the accountant version has this functionality). This can be frustrating if you are sharing files between people who are running different versions of QuickBooks. And furthermore, you’re unable to open old forms unless you have an active payroll services. So if you decide to switch to another payroll service you can no longer view or access your old IRS (and state) filings.
  • Remove “forced” upgrades – One of the most common features in QuickBooks is that it allows you to do your employee payroll and sync to your online bank accounts. But what happens after 3 years of owning the software? These features get blocked, you loose product support, all transactions have to be manually entered, and you have to upgrade to a newer version to get it all back (i.e. 2014, 2015, and 2016 versions will only be supported once the 2017 comes out due to Intuit’s discontinuation policy). That’s even if you don’t want or need any of the changes in the software. And mind you, Payroll already is costing you a monthly fee. We understand that it costs to support the product just 3 years and you’re cut off automatically is ridiculous.
  • Better customer service – If you’ve already tried to troubleshoot any of your QB issues with their customer service team then I probably don’t need to say anything else – On the most part it’s horrible. Just once glance at the negative feedback on Amazon will tell you why. Most of their support teams are located in third-world countries and are poorly trained. In many cases you won’t get the support you need and they will try to charge you extra for enhanced support.

What changes would you like to see in QuickBooks 2017?

What would you like to see changed, improved or added in the 2017 release of QuickBooks software? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below (to prevent spam, all comments are held for moderation until approved by one of us here).

(as of 1/30/2018)
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Software Overview

Main Features

  • Create professional looking invoices and forms
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Monitor bank account and credit card transactions
  • See invoices, billing, and other important tasks in calendar view
  • Track sales, inventory, sales taxes, and customer payments
  • Download bank transactions

Intuit QuickBooks is a an accounting program for macOS. It is primarily designed for small businesses and is available as a one-time purchase desktop version or a monthly subscription to the Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus online version.

Quickbooks Desktop For Mac 2017

QuickBooks allows you to manage your company's finances in many different ways. It provides tools to easily create and schedule professional invoices and receipts to keep track of sales and expenses. You can also use it to monitor your bank and credit card transactions.

The online versions allow you to work across your devices whether it be a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. You also get access to Intuit's cloud storage, the latest product updates, and the ability to automatically download bank transactions.

Intuit QuickBooks is an easy to use accounting program, especially if you purchase one of the online versions of the software. The program also comes at a reasonable price making it one of the best accounting applications available to Mac users.

Supported File Types

Quickbooks For Mac 2017

Primary file extension

.QB2017 – QuickBooks 2017 for Mac Data File

Other file extensions used by Intuit QuickBooks for Mac 2017

Supported File Types
.DESQuickBooks Forms Template
.EXPExport File
.IIFIntuit Interchange Format File
.IMTMy Time Data File
.LAYOUTDESIGNERQuickBooks Layout Designer File
.NDQuickBooks Network Data File
.QB2014QuickBooks 2014 File
.QB2015QuickBooks 2015 for Mac Data File
.QB2016QuickBooks 2016 for Mac Data File
.QBAQuickBooks Accountant's Copy Work File
.QBA.TLGQBA Transaction Log File
.QBBQuickBooks Backup File
.QBJQuickBooks General Journal Entry File
.QBOQuickBooks Online Bank Statement File
.QBRQuickBooks Report Template
.QBXQuickBooks Accountant Transfer File
.QBYQuickBooks Accountant's Copy Import File
.QPBQuickBooks Point of Sale Data File
.TLGQuickBooks Transaction Log File
Additional Related File Formats
.QB2005QuickBooks 2005 File
.QB2006QuickBooks 2006 File
.QB2007QuickBooks 2007 File
.QB2009QuickBooks 2009 File
.QB2010QuickBooks 2010 File
.QB2011QuickBooks 2011 File
.QB2012QuickBooks 2012 File
.QB2013QuickBooks 2013 File
.QBMQuickBooks Portable Company File
.QBMBQuickBooks Backup File
.QBMDQuickBooks Backup File

Updated: January 30, 2018

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