Jul 29, 2013  Well the first one which is popular among Mac (and Linux) users is Crossover.Crossover will emulate an environment to install and play Rift on your Mac.Unfortunately this program is not free but as for now the developers at Codeweavers saying they are supporting officially Rift in their products.But to say as well.Crossover at its core is using Wine as engine.Tho they wright their own code for. Oculus puts a hold on Mac support For a while, it was assumed that the Oculus Rift would work with Mac just as it was intended to work with Windows, but back in May 2015, the company cleared up the. The Oculus Rift runtime for OS X is intended primarily for mobile developers who wish to develop for Gear VR on a Mac, and who would like to be able to run applications on the Mac for development reference. If you own an Oculus Rift, Apple has promised that complete compatibility with High Sierra is coming soon. Until that time, ‘do it yourself’ projects and external graphics cards are the only way to get the Oculus Rift to run on a Mac.

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Playing Rift On Your Mac Wiht Bootcamp Hack Guide
Just a headsup for all you Mac users out there asking about possibly playing Rift. Yes there does seem to be a fair amount of interest at least from what I see on the gaming forums about this. Trion makers of the MMO Rift currently do not have a Mac OS version planned but I remember reading somewhere they will reconsider sometime in the future maybe.
So what’s the best way to enjoy Rift on your Mac. Very simple, install Boot Camp which comes with every Intel/Leopard Mac system. Here are my quick steps to get Rift playing within an hour or two on yer Mac. You’ll also need a install disk of Windows, Windows 7 should offer you the best compatible experience.
Step 1. Go into your utilities folder and fire up Boot Camp Assistant.
Step 2. Go through the steps to partition your drive, I would recommend maybe a couple of hundred gigs, come’on everyone has terabyte drives now and you know yer gonna install tons more games anyway
Step 3. Boot Camp will partition your disk and ask for a Windows install disk, I used Win. 7 Ultimate.
Step 4. You’ll go through the whole Win. 7 system install process, installing drivers etc. and probably will need to do a few restarts too. If you accidentally boot into Mac OS just do a shutdown and boot up with your option key which lets you select which OS you want to use.
Step 5. If all goes well you should be running Windows flavored OS on your Mac now. If you have any problems this page will probably help you: link
Step 6. Now that you’re all good, go to Trion’s site to grab a copy of Rift, riftgame.com, set up an account, install Rift and splatter dah cybermatter
My overall experience playing Rift on my iMac via Boot Camp and Win. 7 is pretty damn sweet. I’m running Rift on an iMac 27″, i5, 4GB RAM, 4850/512MB ATi, via Boot Camp and Win. 7 Ultimate. I grinded through beta 7 with no problems to speak of. I have built my share of “Gaming PCs” too boot and this is pretty much the same. On the plus side I don’t have to have two puter rigs hogging up my desk now. I was getting around 40fps with various medium video settings and around 100ms latency coming from the So. Cal. area.
If your looking for a more in-depth Boot Camp install guide take a gander at: link

Therefore, I would like to feed the display image from the PC over to my iMac. On the Oculus forums, they said I could buy an adapter for one of my thunderbolt ports.


Is Rift For Mac

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Rift Game For Mac

If your iMac is a 27' iMac from either late 2009 or 2010 and the PC has a mini display port then yes you can use the iMac as an external display to the PC. Apple explains this clearly in Use your iMac as a display with Target Display Mode - Apple Support. If your setup does not follow these guidelines, then the answer is a simple no.

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