Part I: Why does the Seagate external hard drive not recognized on Mac? Seagate hard drives, such as portable hard drives, external hard drives, hard drives for Mac, etc. Are often used as backup media to store important files, or to transfer data among computers. However, they are prone to be damaged or corrupted as well. How to Format An External Hard Drive for Mac. My book duo, metallic silver, thunderbolt, Western Digital, Toshiba. Installation, no drivers needed Back up using seagate with time machine. Paragon Driver for Windows. The driver provides read and write access for Seagate external drives in Windows without having to reformat. Note: Not compatible with drives formatted with Apple File System (APFS).

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  2. Seagate Install For Mac
  3. Seagate Driver For Mac Sierra
  4. Seagate Driver For Mac And Windows

Summary: When plugging your Seagate Backup Plus into a Mac computer, you may find the drive stops working and is unmountable in Disk Utility. Have you been troubled by the issue? This post will give you 4 workable solutions to fix Seagate Backup Plus drive not mounting/working issue on Mac.

A large number of users reported that they were unable to mount Seagate Backup Plus drive on Mac computers, orSeagate Backup Plus couldn't work on Mac after plugged in. Here is a real example:

'I really need your help. My Seagate Backup plus just stopped getting detected (led not working anymore) with my MacBook Pro 2016 model (with USB Type C to USB 3 connector) suddenly. It was working fine 1 month before. I tried this backup disk with a Windows computer and the LED light is working in that case but I am not able to get it work with my MacBook Pro anymore. Any idea guys?'

In fact, this issue is very common, especially for those who frequently share the same drive between different computers. Now, let's walk you through the solutions to fix the Seagate Backup Plus not mounting/not working issue on Mac.

6 solutions to fix Seagate Backup Plus not mounting, not working on Mac

Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive is often used to back up important files. If the Seagate external hard drive is not recognized or detected by your Mac, you can't mount it in Disk Utility and access the data stored on it. So it's very urgent to fix the problem to make it work again. Now follow the solutions as below.


Solution 1: Have some basic checks

Sometimes, the Seagate Backup Plus drive could not be mounted on Mac is due to the bad USB port or cable. Thus, once the Seagate Backup Plus drive stops working, you can first do some routine checks as below.

  1. Check if the cable of the Seagate Backup Plus drive is connected properly to your Mac. If the drive isn't properly plugged in, it will fails to mount as it doesn't received enough power.
  2. Make sure it's the USB cable at fault. Try using a different USB cable to see if that fixes the problem.
  3. Check if the USB port is damaged. Plug the Seagate Backup Plus into another USB port if you have another one. Otherwise, insert another external storage device in this USB port.
  4. Check whether the Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive is powered properly. In general, the current of USB port 2.3 and 3.0 are enough for the most external portable hard drives. But sometimes this amount of current may be insufficient while the drive is spinning up. In this situation, you can try to connect the Seagate Backup Plus with a USB Y cable if you have one.
  5. Access the drive on other Macs. Connect the Seagate Backup Plus drive to another Mac computer to see whether it works on that one or not. If the drive works on another Mac computer, there is something wrong with your Mac computer rather than the drive. What you should do is to ask for help from Apple support.
  6. Check if the format of Seagate hard drive is supported by macOS. For example, if the drive is a Windows BitLocker encrypted drive, your Mac computer is not able to recognize it. To fix the problem, you can plug the Seagate Backup Plus into a PC and decrypt the drive on a PC.

Solution 2: Check whether the Seagate Backup Plus is showing up in Disk Utility

Open the Utilities folder in your Applications folder. After you launch Disk Utility, if the Seagate Backup Plus is not showing up on the left pane, the drive has been physically damaged. In that case, you should send the drive to the local repair shop. Otherwise, you should move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Check if the Seagate Backup Plus drive is mounted in Disk Utility

If the Seagate Backup Plus is mounted in Disk Utility, you can leave out the problem with the device. Instead, you should blame the computer settings or outdated computer. Fortunately, it's easy to fix these issues. Just try solution 4 and solution 5. If the external hard drive is greyed out in Disk Utility, it's not mounted. You can try right-clicking the Seagate Backup Plus and choose the 'Mount' button. If that doesn't work, the drive has some file system problems. Please follow the solution 6 to repair the problem.

Solution 4: Show the Seagate Backup Plus on the desktop

If the Seagate external hard drive is mounted in Disk Utility, but it still doesn't show up or work on Mac. First of all, you should make sure the settings in Finder display drive icons on the desktop.

Step 1: Go to Finder > Preferences > General tab.

Step 2: Select 'External disks' under 'Show these items on the desktop' and then our connected external hard drive will appear on the desktop.

Solution 5: Update the software on Mac

Software updates keep your computer and programs secure, deal with quite a few bugs and provide new features. The out-of-date software can cause a variety of issues. It's possible that the operating system will become sluggish and the connected device may not function properly. Fortunately, you can easily update the software on Mac.

1. Update the software on macOS Mojave. If you upgrade to macOS Mojave, you should choose 'System Preferences' from the Apple menu, then click 'Software Update' to check for updates. If any updates are available, click 'Update Now' to install them.

2. Update the software on earlier macOS versions. Just launch the Mac App Store, click the 'Update' tab on the top and then choose the 'Update All'.

Solution 6: Repair Seagate Backup Plus drive via First Aid

Seagate Backup Plus not mounting issue on Mac can be caused by file system problems. Disk Utility's First Aid is a built-in tool on Mac to deal with errors related to disks, such as file system corruption. So you can try to fix the unmountable/corrupted Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive in Disk Utility by following the steps as below.

Step 1: Go to Utilities > Disk Utility.

Step 2: Click 'View' in the top menu bar (Or click 'View' on the top window). Then select 'Show All Devices'.

Step 3: Select the Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive from the left sidebar.

Step 4: Click 'First Aid' on the top of the Disk Utility window.

Step 5: Click 'Run' to perform hard disk diagnostics and fix the not mounting/not working Seagate Backup Plus.

Solution 7: Fix the not mounting or working Seagate Backup Plus drive by reformatting

If First Aid failed on the external hard drive, it might have some serious errors that are beyond its reparation capability. In that case, you need to recover data from the not working Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive as soon as possible.

1. Recover data from the unmountable/corrupted Seagate Back Plus

Download Seagate Driver For Mac

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is free external hard drive data recovery software that canrecover deleted photos, recover data from formatted drives, recover data from unmountable drives, recover data from corrupted drives,recover deleted/lost partitions, etc. It's compatible withmacOS 10.14/10.13/10.12/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7.

1. Download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on Mac.

2. Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery.

3. Select the Seagate Backup Plus and click the 'Next' button to scan for all lost data.

4. Preview the searching results, choose files you want to get back, and click 'Recover' button.

Here is a short video tutorial which shows you how to recover data from unmountable/corrupted external hard drives:

Step 2: Reformat the Seagate Backup Plus

After recovering data from the unmounted Seagate Backup Plus, you can now go to Disk Utility and reformat it without worrying about data loss.

1. Launch Disk Utility from Utilities and click 'View' in the top menu bar. Then make sure the 'Show All Devices' is ticked.

2. Select the unmounted Seagate Backup Plus. Click Erase on the top of the window, and follow the on-screen steps to reformat it.

If unfortunately, you can't reformat the Seagate Backup Plus drive, it must have physical issues. In this case, you have to look for help from a local data recovery company.


No matter what caused Seagate Backup Plus not mounting, working or readable issue on Mac, such as logical problems and physical damages, the most important thing is to back up important data or recover data with free Mac data recovery software. iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is a powerful and reliable data recovery tool on macOS which supports various external drives, including external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc.

If you have any suggestion to solve this issue or experience some question when using iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, please feel free to let us know.

HomeYodot Mac Data RecoveryMac Hard Drive Recovery SoftwareCannot Access Seagate External Hard Disk on Mac

“Are you facing “Not accessible” error when you try to open your Seagate external hard drive on Mac? Or Your Seagate external hard disk is not showing up in Macintosh? Have you stored all vital files and folders on that undetected hard disk and you are trying to find ways to make it recognizable and access the data present on it? Then, Calm down yourself! Lighten up your mind and go through this page carefully. When you are done, you will definitely assure yourself that you can easily gain back access to your data present on the Seagate hard drive. ”

Lot of people has met this situation. Even though the drive is coupled with computer properly, it does not turn up as it should. This might be because of few general problems associated with hard drive and sometimes with your Macintosh. Then how to use a hard drive if Mac doesn’t allow you to access it? For this you need to first find the reason behind the problem and fix it. Fixing this problem is quite easy sometimes but sometimes, it will be bit complex. We can analyze various different aspects which may prevent you from accessing your Seagate external hard drive on Mac and also few proper solutions to solve it.

Intrusion of virus on Seagate hard drive:One of main impact on HDD is virus hazard. The minute it gets into your drive it develops over entire drive and damages the network and file system of hard disk. It may also lead to format errors

MAC Does Not Recognize Seagate External Hard Drive:Faulty USB ports or system failure can be a reason for inaccessible Seagate drive on Mac.

Seagate Install For Mac

Seagate External Hard Drive Files Getting Corrupt:Power surge, abrupt system shutdown, and improper ejection of disk while it’s in use may corrupt the file system of Seagate external hard disk and makes it inaccessible.

Bad sectors and blocks:Bad sectors may land on external hard drive during formatting or read/write operation. More number of bad sectors will make drive unreadable.

You cannot fix all of the above mentioned issues but surely you can carry out the background test to point out the root cause. This may aid you in picking the most appropriate resolution.

To cut back above listed issues:

  • Ensure that your hard drive is scanned by efficient antivirus program. You must frequently scan the drive so that it can spot the newly installed malware on your drive
  • Check whether power cables are properly connected
  • Examine power cases and see Seagate external hard drive is damaged
  • Ensure the cable you are using is good
  • Try with different power cables and cases
  • Use different ports and see if drive is accessible
  • Attach drive to another Macintosh and verify

Try to find your Seagate external hard drive in Mac:

  • Open File >New Finder window > roll down to Devices. The external hard drive should be present under Remote Disc
  • If hard drive is there then check it is mounted. If it’s not mounted: Choose Go >Utilities to find it > locate drive in the list on the left > Check beneath for volume (If it is present it will be grayed out) > Highlight the volume and click the Mount option
  • Now open Finder window > check under Devices to see the mounted external hard drive

If you are not able to access the Seagate external hard disk even after trying all above techniques then it might be corrupted. Still don’t lose hopes, as there is a final and result oriented solution to get back your data from hard disk.

Access Seagate External Hard Drive on Mac using Yodot Mac Data Recovery:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is promising program to help you in this situation. It has read-only mechanism which never intact your original data. This Seagate hard drive failure data recovery utility can easily restore data from inaccessible Seagate external hard drive and provides you preview option to ensure its ability. Data restoration from accidentally deleted or inaccessible Mac volumes, formatted or re-formatted drives is easily possible with this Yodot tool. Apart from hard drive it has ability to retrieve data from all sorts of storage devices like CF card, SD card, XD, MMC, memory stick, USB drive, iPod etc. It supports data retrieval from drives formatted with HFS+, HFSX, FAT, NTFS and exFAT file systems. It is the most dependable application to recover data formatted external hard drive Mac that supports almost all versions of Mac OS like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite including latest version El Capitan.

Procedure to utilize Yodot Mac Data Recovery:

  • Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility on your Macintosh and install it
  • Connect Seagate external hard drive from which data is to be recovered
  • Among two options appeared on main screen, choose Volume Recovery
  • Select the connected Seagate external hard drive
  • Choose scan preference between Normal Scan and Smart Scan
  • If you wish, specify particular file types to retrieve else hit Skip button to rescue all files and click on few Next buttons
  • Marks data to be recovered using either File Type View or Data View
  • Preview restored data and mention destination to save them (other than source)

Safety Information:

  • Be careful while handling your external hard drives
  • To avoid problems which may originate due to improper handling of external hard disk, always ensure that you eject hard drives safely
  • It is wiser not to transfer corrupted content to your hard drives

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