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Jan 19, 2017  Using Skype for Business on a Mac, I have the latest version of all MSFT apps. Skype always shows my status as 'away' no matter if I change it by hand or not. Frequently disconnects me from chat without any indication. Colleagues think I'm not online, which really really sucks. Lync used to work fine, shocked to say I never had a problem.

Skype for Mac comes closer to achieving parity with its predecessor (Lync), but still does not have all the features of Skype for Business for Windows. We've listed the significant differences below. You may want to look at our Comparison Chart of Web and Video Conferencing to see if Zoom is a better fit for your needs.

Microsoft is aware of these issues but has not announced a timeframe for resolving them.

When using Skype for Business for Mac,

Skype For Business For Mac Torrent

  • Only people who are on your Contacts list can reach you via instant messaging, voice, or video call. There is a workaround, which involves you logging into Skype on a Windows computer. These steps will not work in Skype for Mac.
    1. Click the gear icon, then Tools, then Options.
    2. In the left column of the Options dialog box, click Status.
    3. On the right, select I want everyone to be able to see my presence.
    4. Click OK. Now all Skype users can contact you, whether they are in your Contacts list or not.
  • When searching for people, Skype for Mac will only show people with accounts in Cornell's Active Directory. Search will not show anyone with a non-Cornell address.
  • The Presence feature does not pull your status from Outlook Calendar. (With Windows, Skype will show you as free, busy, in a meeting, etc. based on events on your calendar.) You can update your presence manually.
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