A few months ago Skype has been release the new version 7.56(776) for Mac OS after issuing we got problem with some MacBook running on OS version lower then 10.9 we need to upgrading our MacOS X to 10.9 or above for installing the newest version of Skype 7.56(776), But some old generation of MacBook can’t upgrading to that version because new version of Mac OS X can’t support with some old generation of MacBook I think hardware capacity of old generation of MacBook is to small it is digital to run the latest of Mac OS X.

Skype Me has opened up a wellspring of people who want to communicate with people from other countries; Skype 2.0 (and above) supports video conferencing; Skype is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (, 10.5 (2.8), 10.5.8. Pleas contact us if any of these information needs to be updated. Updates: Skype for Mac Updates. Download Skype Compatible 10.6.8 - real advice. One of the most advanced and feature rich video communication programs available to Mac users and allows people to connect with both Mac and PC users.

So now I have an solution for fixing Skype problem on old generation of Mac OS X running on lower then 10.9, But it may not working on some function but at least we can use Skype for test chat on our MacBook below is the instruction.

  • Open the Applications folder
  • Right Click on Skype -> Show Package Contents -> Contents
  • Right Click on info.plist -> Open with -> Text Edit
  • Scroll down to find below script

<key>CFBundleversion</key> <key>CFBundleversion</key>
<string></string> Change the script to <string></string>

  • Save -> Close
  • Done In joy!! 🙂

Note: If the string change above not working please try with the new string below:


Click Skype OS X to download

Free Skype For Mac 10.6.8

Please watch the video below for instruction


Skype Pour Mac 10.6 8


Skype Account

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