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That is correct. Streamlabs OBS is not available for Mac Operating systems at this time. You will need Windows 7, 8, or 10 to install and use Streamlabs OBS. About Streamlabs OBS Remote Control Control your stream in Streamlab OBS, using your mobile device. The best hotkey system for when you stream from a computer! No more need for expensive hardware! Use your mobile phone to control your desktop broadcast, to put even more power in your hands.

Here is a list of some best solutions for live streaming and video capturing or recording purposes which can be taken as the alternative for open source Open broadcaster software (OBS) streaming software.

The popularity of live streaming gameplay videos as well as various other kinds of live streams like Vlogs, Making-of-videos etc. are increasing day by day. In turn of the accessibility of the internet is reaching to everyone, this Live-streaming thing is becoming much popular as also proving itself to be a viable career choice. There are tons of successful live streamers available on YouTube, Twitch.tv, DLive who are making great money with this career. With the increasing popularity of live streams, the need for the type of applications which can handle these tasks also got increased.

OBS or the Open Broadcaster Software was the first one of this kind to fulfil the needs of the users live streaming purposes. The OBS was able to record input from the screen (whatever is displaying on the monitor) itself, the input from the webcam, input from a microphone, even can be set to record input from a specific application’s window. For record capturing, live streaming, OBS was a very good solution and it is still a very good one though there are many alternatives available in the market now a day.

OBS has a problem which is, the output files provided by OBS is very large in size which makes it slower while live streaming, also needs a lot more HDD space than most of the users can spare. The other problem is OBS has a very little amount of customization options which makes OBS a little old-fashioned when it comes to comparing with the latest counterparts.

Alternatives to Open Broadcaster Software

Streamlabs OBS

Open Source Streamlabs OBS is very one of the best Open broadcaster (OBS) alternatives for recording and to stream Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook Live. It gives a professional interface with stream alerts, chats bot, and a myriad of other tools for streaming. Streamlabs OBS (SLOB) is almost the same as OBS as it is one that built on the top of OBS Studio’s core architecture itself. So, most of the functions and features the same in both of that application, though they are different in many aspects.

  • It offers apps for Android and iOS
  • Save 25% CPU and RAM by combining multiple windows.
  • Only available for Windows 10/8/7
  • Real-time Discord Support
  • Face Masks
  • 1000+ Overlays
  • Game Specific Encoding
  • Specialized Live Tab and Integrated Alerts

Download Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs Obs Studio Mac

XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is a name which is very common when it comes to any kind of live streaming topics. XSplit has been loved by thousands of live streamers around the world for its simplicity and it’s to the point features, and the easy to use User-interface.

  • The application comes for free with some limited features.
  • The paid premium-subscription comes for $5/month for 12 months license and $200 for a lifetime license (other recurring options for 3 months and 36 months are also available).
  • Though XSplit is good Open broadcaster software alternative, however, it lacks some features like Custom framerate (only 30fps and 60fps are available). If you are facing a problem with you low-speed internet then XSplit may not be the best one for you.
  • The application is very lightweight in size, does not require many updates or much HDD space.
  • A very good point about XSplit is that it comes with an in-game Recording feature, even when the streaming is going on.
  • The user can connect to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook directly for the live streaming purpose from within the XSplit UI.
  • XSplit has some more services called XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit VCam (you have to download these separately), for different kind of streaming needs. Like XSplit VCam helps the user to ad face-cam, Hand-cam or Mouse-cam along with the gameplay.
  • For commercial purpose usage, the licensing is mandatory to avoid any legal issues.

Here is the link for XSplit.

Streamlabs Obs For Mac


Streamlabs Obs Pour Mac

Streamlabs Obs For Mac

This one is a unique one as it is a browser-based streaming platform alternative to Open broadcaster software. This application runs on very limited resources, so good for old pc users and beginners. Even the Mac users usually have less hardware configuration than a custom Windows pc, so it is good for Mac users also.

  • This application is completely free for both personal and commercial usages.
  • Lightstream supports all the streaming related tools which you can find in other apps such as Streamlabs, Muxy, Streamjar, etc.
  • It also supports co-op servicing with other apps like Streamlabs, Muxy etc. So, if you want to use different applications at the same time for a different kind of job and want to produce a single video output then this application is fine with that kind of jobs.
  • This alternative is a very good option for a beginner for Open broadcaster software.
  • If someone is interested in a live show like podcast using a webcam then this one is a great tool for that.
  • But, in the end, it is a browser-based service, so it also has its limitations. So, there are many features and advanced options missing in this application. So, if you are an advanced user or looking for summer professional level solution for your streaming needs then look for the other option over Lightstream.
  • But, some unique features like multi-cam streaming, is also parents in this application which keeps this application in the competition.

Here is the link for Lightstream

vMix Live Production Software

This one is a commercial application which is a very good option for professional streamers. This application can be used for both live streaming and screen recording purposes. This application comes with a paid license only.

  • This application costs $60 for a lifetime license. Though you can try the software for 60 days for free and the full version of the application is available even as the trial version.
  • This application is available for Windows only, which can be considered as a minus point.
  • The features like Live Mixing, switching between screens, in-game recording all are available in this application.
  • Multi-cam video recording and streaming is available.
  • You can also add external videos, images, audio tracks, virtual effects, PowerPoint presentations, in the stream from the UI, even while the stream is going online.
  • Though these number of features available, vMix comes with an easy to use simple UI.
  • The latest version also supports 4K video format.
  • With all the aspects this application makes sure that the user can do almost everything with their stream, so this application can be considered as the most flexible live streaming app of all.

Download vMix


If you are finding it difficult to control the Live streaming applications then Wirecast is there to make the job easy and which can produce quality videos and also can record & stream with great quality, with a very easy to use UI.

  • This application makes the user’s computer screen looks like a studio.
  • vMix is available for Mac and Windows.
  • This application is ideal for streaming games, webcasts, live videos, on field sports, etc.
  • vMix is a commercial tool but the user can try it for free before buying.
  • Wirecast has very good customer support as well.
  • Regular updates keep the application bug free and also keeps on adding new features.
  • The latest version of vMix offers reengineered plug-in, virtual-cam enhancements, Touch Bar compatibility for MacBook pro etc.
  • The users stream their desktop and webcam at the same time in a single stream without using any other third-party application.
  • There is also a feature with which posting Facebook Live comments from the UI is possible even when the broadcast is live.

Download Free trial Wirecast


If Screen recording is the main purpose of yours, (like we see in How-to-type videos on YouTube) then Camtasia is the best alternative option as Open broadcaster software recording feature for you without any doubt.

  • Camtasia is the most expensive software when it comes to screen recording, which comes for the price tag of $199 lifetime licensing.
  • Camtasia offers the most pro-level editing options that which makes Camtasia a complete package for screen-recording purpose. It provides the best kind of result after post-production because of the in-built editing features.
  • Though a pro-level application like Camtasia has some flaws, one of which is, this software can’t be scheduled for automatic recordings without getting into the system files or the UI itself.
  • Camtasia has a reputation for being the best screen recording software in the industry for more than 10 years. So, it has a very big and active community as well.
  • If any user is looking for a combination of screen recording application with a robust video editing software then this is the best choice for sure.
  • Here is the link


If you are an amateur user and looking for a screen recording application as alternative to recording feature of Open broadcaster software just for fun (most used app for Gameplay video recording around the world), or just to keep records of your awesome gaming moments which you can share, then Fraps is the thing for you. There are many users with very minimal needs with screen recording apps, they just need a dependable and easy to use screen recorder app for fun or very lightweight job, Fraps is a good option them. Unlike Streamlabs, OBS or another in this list, Fraps is the simplest of all.

  • This application is a very old piece of software in the market.
  • Only available for Windows.
  • The screen recording app is free, but if you want the Benchmarking Interface, then you have to pay $37 for that.
  • The videos can be captured in any framerate ranging from 1 to 120 fps. Custom FPS settings is available.
  • Being a very old software, it has a very big user and community base.
  • But this application is not receiving any updates since 2014, so if there any kind of issues arise you are not going get any solution probably. But, also without customer support, this application is going this long, which makes anyone believe in its good and hence make the application more reliable.
  • You can also take screenshots within the games using Fraps and you do not need to save them as they would be saved automatically.

Here is the link for downloading

Player.me as OBS alternative

Another top free Open broadcaster software alternative to record and stream games…

  • Streaming and Recording
  • Overlay Templates
  • Widgets, alerts, stream cups, trains, donation system and more.
  • Alerts, trains, cups and extensions support
  • Inbuilt Video Editor
  • Track your gameplay
  • Social feature to engage with the community
  • Ultimate gaming profile and business card

Download Player.me

StreamElements OBS.Live

It is not an alternative to OBS instead just for knowledge, it is an add-on to OBS project (Open Broadcaster Software) to optimize OBS for gaming & IRL live streaming and also integrate Twitch chat into OBS.


As you can see the last two application is not meant for Live streaming, they are aimed for Simple Screen recording (Fraps) and Screen recording with video editing features (Camtasia). But the others are for mainly Live streaming purposes but also can be used for screen recording. Now the choice of software depends on your need solely.

If you are looking for more option for live streaming applications then let me tell you beside OBS and Streamlabs OBS (SLOB), the XSplit, vMix, Wirecast, Lightstream and another application called VIDBlaster are the only mainstream-dependable options available. So, you have to choose one of them for sure, as you have nowhere else to go as of 2019.

But, if you are looking for a screen recording app then Beside all the above you can also search for Icecream Screen Recorder, Bandicam, Wondershare Filmora Screen, Movavi, Camstudio, Dxtroy, Action! etc.

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