TC2000 for Web, Mac & Mobile To get started, provide your TC2000 email This is the full version 19 of the award-winning software for stock & option traders.

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We need a stock trading Software to make good trading decisions. Below given the best stock trading Software.
Mastock ($64.99 Mac App Store)
This Software is suitable for both beginners and serious traders.
It is one of the free stock trading tools for Mac. This Software is designed for technical analysis of stock movements and trends. A feature of this Software is News Chart. The work of this News Chart is the historical link between stocks and other news events.
Tradable is a web based trading Software.This Software works on both Mac and PC. Tradable is also called as “iTunes of trading Software. We can freely use this Software and we can also add elements.
ProTA is specially designed for Mac. ProTA means Professional Level charting and technical analysis Software. Beginners and seasoned traders can easily use this Software. We can create an own customized screen using ProTOscript.
SystemTrader (discountined) – Sales ended August 2015
Small French developer created this Software. SystemTrader is the accounting Software. We can download this Software freely for 30 days.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Powerful.
  3. Fast.

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StockMarketEye for mac ($99.95)
It is the simple portfolio tracking Software that also functions as a stock watcher. This Software is available in the Mac App store. The cost is $59.99. It converts foreign currency into a portfolio’s base currency.

  1. Supports multiple currencies.
  2. Supports most major exchanges.
  3. Stock alerts.
  4. Easy to use investment trader.
  5. Unlimited watchlists.
  6. Companion iOS APP available.

Trendsetter software
Using this Software we develop a range dated stock trading apps for Mac
Following are the range dated stock trading apps.

  1. Personnel Analyst.
  2. Personnel Hotline.
  3. Pro Analyst.
  4. HotlineX.

Personnel Analyst is used for serious trading. Spiffy Charts is one of the older trading Software for Mac. Spiffy charts allow accessing several free data sources.
It is a real-time charting Software for Mac. TC2000 is a browser based trading Software. You can easily scan our charts using this Software.
What is a new in version 12

  1. Desktop or browser version for Mac and PC.
  2. Intuitive interface that is easy to use.
  3. Mobile app for Android or iPhone.
  4. Free upgrade for current users.

Charting features contains the following

  1. OHLC.
  2. HLC.
  3. Line.
  4. Bar.
  5. Candlestick plot styles.

Scanning is done very fast so TC2000 update market data.
Best online trading Brokers
OptionsHouse is the online stock trading broker. This Software covers huge stock trading areas. It is a powerful trading tool. OptionsHouse comes to the market before several years ago. It is the best choice for the solid trading platform.
The fees for stock traders is $4.95 and for options traders, you pay a base fee of $4.95 plus a per contract fee is $0.50. It is cheaper than most services when you trade a large number of contracts.
It receives the lowest cost for contract trading.
There are no local branches available where you receive face to face assistance.

  1. Stop-loss.
  2. Entry limit plus.
  3. Entry stop orders.

Tc2000 For Macbook Pro

It is a Bahamas-based online stock trading platform.

Worden Tc2000 For Mac

  1. Set up an account is quick and easy.
  2. Fast and cheap executions.
  3. Lots of shares to be short.
  4. Mobile platform.
  5. 6:1 Buying power.

Negative customer platforms.

Tc2000 Mac Version






Trade stocks and options through TC2000 Brokerage1
See commissions
Browse award-winning2 streaming charts with 100+ indicators
Covers 100,000+ stocks, options and funds
Add real-time data feeds for stocks, indexes, news and options3
Access 8 prebuilt layouts including Trading, Options, TC Classic, DrillDown, Sector by Year, 1-Chart, 4-Timeframe, Fundamentals.
Practice & test your strategies in simulated paper trading accounts
Keep your own personal watchlists and access 80+ built-in watchlists
Write on-the-fly personal notes and save stocks to your favorites
Link the active symbol to financial websites
Move & tab windows to build custom layouts based on how you work
Access your charts and watchlists from Mobile app
Create conditions in the step-by-step EasyScan® wizard dialog.
Show 2-second scan results in watchlists or checkmark columns
Combine conditions based on technical criteria, fundamentals and different time frames
Draw trendlines, shapes, fibs, notes and more on charts
Sort watchlists by technical indicators, fundamental data and your custom criteria
Monitor up to 100 alerts on price, indicators and trendlines
Watch stocks with upcoming dividend & earnings announcements
Overlay sectors, industry and comparison indexes
Create custom reports
Write your own personal criteria formulas (PCF’s) to scan, sort and plot
Overlay earnings, institutional ownership, sales and more fundamental data
Live EasyScan Dashboard
Set automatic re-sort intervals on your watchlists
Monitor real-time counts of stocks passing your scans (up to 15 concurrent)
Instantly access watchlists of passing stocks by clicking on count in dashboard
Track market sentiment by watching stocks flow between your scans
Organize your EasyScans into reports
Monitor up to 1000 alerts on price, indicators and trendlines





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