1. Thunderbolt Card For Mac Pro 2012
  2. Thunderbolt Card For Mac Pro 5.1

OWC PCIe Card Compatibility. For Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis. PCIe Card: OWC Mercury Helios 2 (dual slot) OWC Mercury Helios. SOLO, DUO, and QUAD versions of this card are incompatible when hosted by the new Mac Pro (2013). Aside from the new Mac Pro, they are compatible with the rest of the currently shipping Macs and most PCs.

Are there any new options for adding Thunderbolt technology to my system?

No. At this writing, to have ThunderBolt a system must be born with it.


Is there anything in the pipeline that people know about for something like this?


And what would you recommend as a current 'up to date' alternative that won't break the bank?

Thunderbolt is a mix of many different things. If you own a Mac Pro, you already have up to three free PCI slots that are more valuable than ThunderBolt, and a graphics card that can drive three displays.

Thunderbolt Card For Mac Pro 2012

What are you trying to accomplish that seems to need ThunderBolt?

Thunderbolt Card For Mac Pro 5.1

Jun 2, 2013 6:07 PM

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