I created an Unity game in Windows and I wanted to pass it to a Mac computer. I built it for Mac and I uploaded the.app folder to Google Drive as a.rar. You can't build Mac/IOS games on PC and expect them to run. You have to use apple's hardware for the build as well. Just upload the project to your Mac and build it there. Aug 12, 2018  If Unity asks to upgrade the Android SDK to finish the build, grant permission and take a break while it runs the update. This build isn't ready to be installed on the Oculus Go yet. A few more steps need to be taken before it will work. Step 18: Import the Oculus Utilities for Unity package. Building for iOS Unity Cloud Build A continuous integration service for Unity Projects that automates the process of creating builds on Unity’s servers. More info See in Glossary helps you automate the process of building your Unity Project for iOS Apple’s mobile operating system. More info See in Glossary devices. To access the Build Settings window, go to File Build Settings. Once you specify your build settings, you can click Build to create your build, or click Build And Run to create and run your build on the platform you have specified.

I have succesfully built a Unity AR Android App on my PC. I recently bought a Mac so that I could also develop for IOS . I have set up the Mac to develop Unity IOS/AR projects. I read in the installation notes that Android apps are not reccomended to be developed on a Mac. What is the best working procedure to develop the same project in both IOS and Android?

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Unity Build For Switch

Can I build the App first on my PC then network through the Mac to find the PC Unity files and then build for IOS? There seems to be a conflict with one project but two Unity extensions to pick from. Should I install the Mac Unity extention on my PC Android project so that It will also work on my Mac? Will this work? What is the simpliest working procedure to develop for both IOS and Android?

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