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This page focuses on LibreOffice Vanilla for Mac, a (TDF-unofficial) version of LibreOffice available in the Mac App Store.


Wow client 1.12.1 download mac

LibreOffice is available on a variety of different operating systems including GNU/Linux, Windows, Android, and macOS. The Document Foundation provides pre-built versions (aka “binaries”) of LibreOffice via the Download page, and multiple vendors, Linux distros, and others provide binaries as well.

Developers at Collabora have worked to get LibreOffice included in the Mac App Store:


There are currently two different versions of LibreOffice available in the Mac App Store (both released by Collabora):

Vanilla For Mac
  1. “LibreOffice Vanilla” – the latest LibreOffice Fresh version, available for a low price.
  2. “Collabora Office” – A higher price version that includes backported bugfixes & stable features and builds from the same source as the Collabora Office product, offered for enterprises.

Trying it out

See links under #Versions.

System Requirements

Running LibreOffice Vanilla will generally require the same system requirements as our LibreOffice Desktop builds for the Mac.


Support of Java is not included. This means that some pieces of LibreOffice will not function, including

  • Internal HSQLDB database engine for Base
  • Reporting in Base
  • Java extensions


LibreOffice QA is primarily focused on our standard, TDF-released LibreOffice builds, however bugs that are found in App Store builds are often likely to affect the desktop version as well, so just as we are interested in bugs in a GNU/Linux distro’s packaging of LibreOffice, it is to our benefit to track the Mac App Store issues and address bugs to the appropriate developers.


World Of Warcraft Vanilla For Mac

  • Bug Reporters: If you find a bug in an App Store build, please report it in our TDF Bugzilla.
  • Bug Triagers: If a bug only affects the Collabora Office builds, please cc: Andras Timar [1].
  • How can I get a list of all App Store bugs? Search for AppleAppStore Whiteboard status


Build Information

Collabora Office

LibreOffice Vanilla

Download Vanilla For Mac

Known Issues


The platform is very close to our regular macOS builds, so the documentation should basically be the same.

Vanilla Wow Private Server For Mac

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