VLC Media Player is available on several popular platforms. This free and awesome player is readily available for Apple computer users. The software is freely available for Mac OS X systems. Different versions of the player is required for a different Mac OS X version and the VideoLAN team has got it covered. Read the instructions below to understand how you will be able to install VLC in your Mac.

VLC Media Player is the reference video player for all your video files and streaming videos. Download VLC is completely free for all operating systems. VLC Player is the best players and it is available for free, both for Windows and Mac. The VLC media player is available for multiple platforms and is a very popular choice for Apple users. The software is also free for Mac OS X and a list of versions are available for download on the official website.

Downloading for Mac

Basically, you download a dmg package for your Mac computers from the following page:

Vlc Media Player Installation

You will see different download links for:


Vlc Media Player For Mac Os X

VLC for Mac OS X: 64 bit VLC dmg package download link which works for Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

32 bits Intel Mac: This dmg package is for 32 bit Intel Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users.

PowerPC Mac: Dmg package for 32 bit PowerPC Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users.

Vlc media player for macbook air

You will also see two web browser plugin download links. Those are for playing/streaming videos straight from your browser. The plugins are available for Intel Mac and Power Mac users. They require the OS X version to be 10.5 or lower.

Vlc Media Player For Mac Os X 10.6.8

Installing in Mac OS X

Vlc App For Pc Download

  1. Download VLC installation file from the location mentioned above (VideoLAN website).
  2. Locate the downloaded file which will be named something like vlc-2.1.0.dmg
  3. Open the file. After verifying the contents of the file, it will open.
  4. Click and drag the VLC icon to the applications folder. Release it.
  5. VLC will be copied to your applications folder.
  6. Double click on VLC media player (the icon with the cone). Provide it the permissions if your Mac computer asks for it.Â
  7. VLC Media Player will launch for the first time. Use it to play all your media with ease.

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